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  1. Not the type to refuse to let things go but it fucking wasn’t theirs for that limited time. Or any time. It was ours. They paid plenty to use our stadium but it most definitely was not theirs. The Club embarrassed themselves and their supporters by permitting that sign to be put up outside our club shop which they were temporarily allowed to use. Anyway, I’m not the type to refuse to let things go.
  2. It is no secret that Jim is a C*lt*c supporter and it would be stupid to suggest this has any effect on how he approaches games against them. I do take issue with your “landlord” analogy, my daughter has rented a number of flats in the past few years and two of the landlord specifically prohibited (in the rental agreement) any pictures etc. being put up on the walls. That “Shop” sign was an insult and it should never have been allowed. Christ, years later and it still pisses me off.
  3. Dear Santa. Can St Mirren please get a striker coach for Christmas?
  4. Yup. And Dunne had a stinker in the middle of the 3 on Saturday.
  5. Stop!! This needs every single uptick/greenie in the shop. Excellent work sir.
  6. Surprised by the lack of chat on our Chairman. Equally surprised he’s still our Chairman.
  7. Generally Tanser has been very good and his crosses from the left should have given us a lot more goals. He was poor against Dundee (his first bad game), I think he was carrying a knock from the previous game.
  8. At the time I didn’t think it was a penalty. Having seen replays I think it was 50/50. Replays also seem to confirm the penalty should not have been retaken but since our regular penalty taker wasn’t available, I think it was only fair we were given another shot.
  9. Did he book him for the six second rule or for blatant time wasting?
  10. Is that the pc site? Doesn’t look like that on my iPhone.
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