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  1. Super, great, smashing etc. but the loss of 3 players (assuming Greive is picked for NZ) for possibly 2 games will leave a fair dent in our squad.
  2. Reminds me so much of Alan Logan. (Are we back on page 1 now?)
  3. Never nice to see anyone being sacked, but sometimes there are exceptions.
  4. It must be close between Ross and Lee Johnson in the “worst manager in the league” race. Jack probably just edging it.
  5. Given all their injury problems I’m surprised Hibs didn’t give Jake Doyle-Hayes a game yesterday. He’s a great player and would surely have bossed the midfield if he was picked. Wait a minute…….
  6. Sad to hear Jim Goodwin on Radio Scotland yesterday saying being the manager of Aberdeen was his “dream job”. I don’t blame him for moving for a huge pay rise but his St Mirren Legend status can be binned now.
  7. Yup we did and it wasn't only Strain who was being told to stay in his own half. A win’s a win as they say.
  8. Delighted with the win of course but if this is what Robinson’s murder ball looks like, you can keep it. Not impressed by his tactics of keeping 10 players in our half from the moment we went 1 up. Strain was under instructions not to cross the halfway line and it was really frustrating. Big Ayonga absolutely bossed their number 6 - surprised he wasn’t subbed off. Chuffed Richard Tait got his goal, absolutely screamer of a finish. The West Stand linesman was the worst, laziest official I’ve seen in years.
  9. The last time I remember a game with quite the same feeling of it having to go right for the manager's sake was when we played a managerless Motherwell who had just been pumped out of Europe.
  10. You didn’t get the “never talk about that game when Tait fcuked up in the corner in the last minute against Motherwell, costing us a top 6 finish”?
  11. I look at their thread as often as ours. Some of the best posters on here. Definitely worth a look. I hope they bounce back after tonight and give St Johnstone a proper hammering next Saturday.
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