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  1. Steady on, she might not know much about football but she might be a decent cook.
  2. Worth remembering that if Aberdeen hadn’t rushed into giving Jim Goodwin the job, Stephen Robinson wouldn’t be our manager now. I know which manager I’d rather have.
  3. He told us why he left - he said managing Aberdeen FC was his dream job. Although for a man whose footballing heart lies in the east end of Glasgow, that might have been a bit of a stretch. Could it be he left because the run we were on made him extremely marketable (to the likes of Cormack) and he saw this as a great opportunity to treble/quadruple his salary?
  4. Strangely I thought Tanser showed he could defend today. A couple of excellent tackles and at least one great block. Other than Carson, everyone was sub-par today.
  5. I’m not saying there is any substance to this story but a lowish release clause (circa 350k) might have been reasonable for a young promising, but unproven player who was wanting to get into British football. Since joining us he has shown his market value is 7 figures.
  6. Taking Keanu off because the goalie makes an arse of it? What’s on Netflix?
  7. Michael Stewart invariably talks a lot of pish.
  8. Hopefully Olyusanya is fit and gets a run tonight. We need pace in this side.
  9. That’s a real Spanish Inquisition team. Two strikers and Kiltie as a 10. Lightweight midfield (why did we sign Gogic?) Still no Shaughnessy. Can’t wait.
  10. Shaughnessy replaces Gogic. Gogic replaces Erhahon. Simples.
  11. Hopefully Gallagher is fit for next week, but if not Shaughnessy needs to start. Our central defence looked miles off it today.
  12. These Hibs TV commentators are hilarious, it’s as if they have never seen us play this season. Expecting us to be attacking, all guns blazing. Exactly as we never do.
  13. I was talking about that last night. We were all delighted he finally signed but where are we going to play him? When Gallagher returns, there will be no place for him in the back 3 and we can’t slot him into the midfield given current form. A great signing but I’m not sure we can afford to have him sitting on the bench.
  14. Got to wonder why Joe Shaughnessy has fallen so far out of favour. Neither Fraser nor Gogic are specialist central defenders so it was strange Joe couldn’t find a place in the side in Gallagher’s absence. Any news on why Gallagher wasn’t in yesterday’s squad?
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