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  1. One of the worst matches I’ve seen at Palmerston for a long, long time. Truly awful. I thought Wilson was the only consistently decent player, with Todd and Gibson doing OK in spells but unable to break the monotonous ineptitude of the team as a whole, Gibson’s excellent goal excepted. Things picked up a bit when Irving came on; he did OK considering. Confidence and morale seemed rock-bottom, and for the life of me I couldn’t see what the game plan was. Desperate stuff. Plenty for the new manager to get his teeth into!! Happy New Year!!
  2. Completely agree. I like Murray, and he's got a good bit of talent, but for me he lacks grit and too often drifts out of games. You don't see him getting stuck-in very often, and as he's no heavyweight he gets pushed around too often. Needs to up his game really, but hopefully the coaching staff are working on that with him.
  3. Really enjoyed that watch last night. There’ve been some awful Fri night Championship TV matches but this wasn’t one of them. Well done Arbroath There’ll be a few Championship boards looking at the Arbroath set-up and wondering if that’s the way to go. Tidy, well-maintained ground (love the mood lighting in the tunnel!), entertaining team, personable manager, and a visible connection with the fanbase. Just makes me sad the my home team has none of that whatsoever at the moment
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