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  1. One of the BBC Storyville series, "Collective, unravelling a scandal". I thought it was a fantastic watch. After the 2015 'Colectiv' night club fire which initially took 27 lives and scores injured with burns. Over the coming weeks, more of the injured died in hospital. What transpired is that the hospital authorities had purchased masses of disinfectant at a cheap price, diluted it, and then resold the diluted disinfectant to the hospitals at huge profit. The diluted disinfectant wasn't able to remove various strains of bacteria, thus resulting the further loss of life. One of the few free press agencies got hold of the story, uncovered it, and with the eventually help of a new health minister that seemed to care, the story became public knowledge. An absolute enthralling, frightening and at times very poignant documentary. It's on iPlayer. Apologies if this has been posted further back in the thread.
  2. Poland defending like a back four of Eric Diers.
  3. I could have gone down the 'brought up by a single parent who came over to London in the mid-1950s to escape poverty from Italian peasantry, in an inner London council flat, with my arse hanging out of my hand-me-down trousers, holes in my plimsolls' line but I thought I'd save that for another thread.
  4. Lego and a marble (and some haberdashery). I used to make goalposts and a bar, along with two top stanchions coming out from where the bar and posts met out of various sized Lego pieces. My mum gave me some muslin type very fine curtain which used to be the net. A marble would be the ball, my right index and fore fingers would 'kick' said ball and my left hand would be goalie. I provided a class level of commentary and crowd noise, imo.
  5. Happy Birthday, Stevland Hardaway Judkins. He was 15 when he recorded this. I don't want to be thinking about the things I was trying (and failing ) to do at that age. This, his version of Heaven Help Us All, and the long version of Livin' For The City are masterpieces, imo. Probably best that you weren't able to see the fiasco taking place in front of you. Uptight - Stevie Wonder No idea why the original YT clip didn't show up.
  6. Likewise Tottenham fans, judging by what I see on various THFC fora, although I’m guessing there will be a number of fans privately thinking it’s better to be in than out. We’ll be in a league we haven’t qualified for on merit, and can’t be relegated from even if we finish bottom on merit... The stadium, training ground complex, Amazon Prime documentary, holding back on stadium naming rights, appointing Mourinho, bringing back Bale, it now all comes into focus. The only possible piece of joy I could get from this would be to lurk on West Ham’s KUMB forum but I’m simply too ashamed to even do that. And I thought 2-2 at Everton would be the worse part of the weekend.
  7. I knew Jim Morton for a few years, long past of St Johnstone et al, courtesy of an ex, who is very close friends with his wife. Nothing bad to say about him - cracking company on a night out. A good bloke.
  8. Ordinary World and Rio are fantastic tunes, IMO. I think they were musically underrated although I appreciate they weren’t exactly short of the trappings of success.
  9. Apologies for the almost 6 year bump but I agree with this. I am still waiting (not in an expectant kind of way) for the paparazzi picture of him and his sister (if he has one) together in the bath, doing 'things' (as grown ups).
  10. I'm not really sure where to post this (other than here, obviously) as I can't find a non-pictoral history thread, so apologies if this is in the wrong place (and apologies if it has been previously posted): an article from Atlas Obscura on Hampden Bowling Club, 'the location of the first Hampden'. https://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/scottish-soccer-archaeology?utm_source=Atlas+Obscura+Daily+Newsletter&utm_campaign=60405550ea-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2021_02_12&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_f36db9c480-60405550ea-71840170&mc_cid=60405550ea&mc_eid=e0909054ca
  11. I agree with you re the personality and I hope he grows into the role but what I really want from an analyst is to tell me something I don’t know, wherever possible. The Sky Cricket team, in general, are excellent in doing the analyst role (for my needs, at least) and whilst I’m generalising to a degree it comes from a mix of playing the game, plus being educated. I don’t for one minute expect footballers to be educated (lots are, of course) but just because you’ve played the game doesn’t mean you can necessarily inform and talk about it at a professional level. The more recent trend of football journalists taking part in TV and radio shows is a big step forward but for a lot of people that’s not enough - the personality is required too. I’m getting old.
  12. Richards repeated what I said about Werner, whereas Souness effectively blamed Werner for Lampard's sacking - I think he said if Werner had scored goals, Lampard wouldn't be out of a job. Not quite sure that it was all Werner's fault.. Back to Richards: it's probably the first time I've agreed with him, though that statement applies to a lot of analysts (huge bugbear of mine but that's for another thread).
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