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  1. Still a couple weeks to complete this survey to let the SFA know your thoughts on VAR... https://stirling.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/the-views-of-different-stakeholders-on-var-technology
  2. This is the best option I feel, a lesser version of VAR that only checks offsides in the build up to goals and red card tackles. That's all that Scottish football needs!
  3. I'm really on the fence about VAR too. I'm not sure if I'm feeling positive today just because Rangers won the game, but do you not think the controversy around the penalty decisions and VAR was brilliant? What a game it was!
  4. Those 2 red cards in the Dundee United game????? Neither of those are red cards, and VAR would've overturned both. Surely when you see those decisions you start to consider VAR?
  5. Let's see what controversies happen this weekend
  6. Soucek red card that was given by VAR. game is gone
  7. Think this is spot on, there's not as much passion in English football, so they overlook it. Flashbacks to when David Marshall just about gave me a heart attack not celebrating the penalty save vs Serbia...
  8. Have you ever seen this article by FIFA? They're working on a VAR 'light version' which I presume Scotland would be able to afford. Maybe it could be more successful as normal VAR is being used too excessively. https://www.fifa.com/who-we-are/news/var-light-concept-taking-shape#:~:text=One key topic was the,for such a technology setup.
  9. Hi all, There seems to be a lot of contrasting controversy surrounding VAR just now. In England (where VAR is in operation) VAR is under constant scrutiny, Che Adams had a perfectly good goal chopped off after being reviewed. Whereas over the last few days in Scotland I've heard many call for it's implementation as Kemar Roofe was let off with a clear piece of dangerous play vs St Johnstone. Did you know, the SFA have plans to implement VAR technology in the next few years. Crawford Allan head of referee operations has stated many time he's a fan of the technology and he's been in contact with representatives of countries using VAR. Do you think it's needed in Scotland? There is currently a piece of research being done at the University of Stirling which is going to be presented to the SFA regarding people's views of VAR in Scotland. Have your say for the SFA to review... https://stirling.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/the-views-of-different-stakeholders-on-var-technology
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