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  1. Wee surprise seeing Efe pop up at Saints but you could have done far far worse, yeah he can have a bombscare moment but he's a unit of a defender, you don't get 50 international caps being a mug If nothing else its upped your goal celebration game
  2. Chris Kane plays brilliantly for St Johnstone, wins them free kicks all day and chases down everything but he is nowhere near Scotland level, his goal record is abysmal
  3. Bo Selecta was drivel and Keith Lemon ranks among the most irritating personalities on TV, years later I twigged they are the same person and it all made sense.
  4. Used to love billy bear cold meat on oatcakes as a kid but haven't went near them in years
  5. I've never skied, it seems awfully dangerous
  6. I could not have handled that game any other way but Limmy made it entertainment
  7. I can understand why Saints fans are a bit raw about the McCann transfer, 1.25 million doesn't seem a like a lot of money when you see the deals down south, but in terms of an outgoing Scottish football transfer that's a relatively high figure. I know it's futile to compare transfer figures across eras but that's the same amount Everton paid for James McFadden. Anything north of a million is a fairly big deal in our league. Right now it's money in the bank and based on your season last year, I think you'll still be alright.
  8. At first he was irritatingly talking down St Johnstone and not giving them a chance but by the time he accused a Galatasaray player of acting like he'd been decapitated, he was in the good books
  9. It's a good question and raises the issue of how illegal it would be to sell talcum powder to coke heads
  10. Finally got round to starting Prey, not usually a sci fi guy but I loved the Dishonored games and I'd been meaning to play it almost since the pandemic kicked off, it's just fantastic, really detailed environment that's a joy to explore. Cracked 6 hours into it today, it's got a bit of the Aliens/Predator about it, has a fantastic opening too, won't spoil it but a proper "OH SHIT!" moment within the first 20 minutes.
  11. Congratulations Saintees, hopefully Perth City Centre doesn't look like the Gaza strip this morning
  12. Can't see past St Johnstone for this one, not going to be a back and forth 3-3 like last years Celtic v Hearts final but I'd rather see the farmers do it than the posh wankers
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