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  1. Yeah Crawford certainly signed some decent players. Perhaps there is a role for him in that
  2. The "my team is shiter than yours" arguement is the only thing we have just now. Please don't take it from us
  3. He finished above us in this league and so that's good enough for me. 1 and a half year deal with an extension clause if playoffs are achieved in that time. Get it done
  4. Interesting though that he is saying he hasn't been approached but "people know where I am". So he is open to it as long as ICT are contacted and made aware.
  5. Some one being mince as a manager and sacked is one thing but as you say, the person being liked means they won't be a hate figure as much. Potter was a fan first and a player and so i would never give him it too tight. Grant on the other hand....what a #$%&
  6. Aye cos Ross' DNA isn't on this one. Has the hallmark of him being told to stay out it hopefully!
  7. I was told on the clubs pussbook page last night I'd get kicked in by one of our fans if I boo'd near him....it is also seemingly the boo boys fault for him being mince and our other managers leaving due getting abuse. Eh aye cos they were also poor...
  8. Eh we didnt. Don't class us all as one with that useless looser of a manager. We are not wi that p***k
  9. Exactly. Given the budget differences and even the squad on paper, the only thing making the difference and making us look bad despite the other advantages we have is the diddy useless c**t with a notepad sat on our bench.
  10. Better not slag Grant off. Dont want to offend our fellow fans. The dearly devoted dont like us boo boys
  11. This talk of walkouts and late arrivals is nonsense lets be honest. It won't happen and if it does,will be a shambles and go unnoticed. Get to EEP and demonstrate straight before or after the next home game if he is still there. Doing it before and blocking the deluded suits arrival gives them nowhere to hide.
  12. Glad to see I predicted it right as dod most of us. Another win, sorry I mean draw.
  13. With the missing players from Rovers, Grants ability to make the opposition play as shite as us, and it being at East End I fancy a shock home win. Sorry draw!. I'm falling into the same mindset as our board confusing draws for wins.
  14. So rather than us getting better, we seem to have mastered the art of making the opposition play shite. A rare skill mastered by Grant. What a guy
  15. A draw is a win in our fearless and deluded boards eyes so they will be happy. Closer to 2nd bottom too. Woohoo [emoji849]
  16. Comrie can defend well if played at RB as he is beginning to now. But yeah Edwards gets a meh from me. He has improved last season but i dont see him as a decent LB and would prefer him as cover for the position at best. But he is what we have available. Literally he is all we have
  17. I'll have a plate of what Grant is having. I might believe my [emoji239] is still going to grow then
  18. Yeah this is a blinder [emoji108][emoji23][emoji119][emoji119][emoji119]
  19. Several hours on and i'm still in shock tbh. Is sacking Grant eventually even enough now? I'm veering toward the Chairman's head needing to roll as well given his also shambolic record in appointing managers at the club and his dna being all over this joke of a statement. Ideally both of them gone and an apology from the owners, recognising they misjudged the man they kept in charge and for trusting him to communicate with fans, would be what I want to hear from the club. I won't be back at East End until at least Grant is gone, otherwise I don't know how i'll react at a game...
  20. Snakes, Spiders, too many tidy women. Loads of reasons
  21. You do realise that's not from a Pars fan right? So other clubs fans think we are a big club is what you mean. GET GRANT TO F☆CK #GGTF
  22. Rumour I heard (from a friend of a board member) is that Lee McCulloch and Kenny Miller are being lined up as Manager and Assistant... It's a change but if true, not sure its the right move and would be yet another gamble on inexperienced management. That hasn't worked well for us so far... GET GRANT TO F☆CK #GGTF
  23. Fans of every club we've played have not believed us before each game. They certainly do afterwards though. If only our board saw it. GET GRANT TO F☆CK #GGTF
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