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  1. Dunno Peter Gant looked like he had a clue during our early League Cup games. We all know where the Pars ended up and how quickly that changed once the league started. Knew I'd lost my 20 quid bet for the title after 3 league games...
  2. Rename it the Pre-season Cup and be done with it. More Mickey Mouse than the Challenge and Fife cups almost ffs.
  3. Anyone away to the game tonight and doing updates for us? [emoji16][emoji106]
  4. Glad to see the authorities saw sense not to have 4 massive city clubs playing in Edinburgh on the same day. A win chalked up for common sense!
  5. Fitness. New manager familiarity. New playing styles &/or tactics. New players settling if in early enough. Confidence (hopefully) and remembering how to win would be nice. Definitely not pointless
  6. Would you take Murray back in the centre of defence now he has left Killie?
  7. Just had an email thanking us for passing 1200 ST sold.
  8. I was dubious on the collar myself but went to see it today and got myself one. Another grower/see it in person top
  9. Narrow formation may suit the smaller narrow pitches (assuming they are narrower pitches)
  10. Is that to replace the missing steak in the EEP batches? Sounds good to me though. A free sample with every ST would be a nice bonus to see if its a goer
  11. Think you'll miss xmas with the family and be out your box in Kelty or Ballin gary?
  12. Was hoping to see Chalmers fall over as his ankle gave way doing a one legged jump on the pre season vid there. Granted we would be stuck wi him but he would be out at least. I fear we are stuck with him anyway...
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