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  1. Massive game! It's at home so won't be pretty in the 1st half again but as long as the job gets done!
  2. Can't see anything on the official site about the tickets for St Pauli Am I blind? Anyone got a link?
  3. Yeah my social media is doing the same. Comment on a couple of posts and you're in the algorithm for life. Beware!!
  4. For me it's his off the ball effort that boils my piss I suppose. I do want to like him and l do see the positives he brings. I'm not a big hater but he does frustrate me at times. Mind you so do al0t of others. Its the standard we are at I suppose
  5. He can do this but he also gets caught on the ball or messes up a 4 yard pass very often. That's why I get annoyed. But his dead balls and usually good too. He's a frustrating player not a bad one
  6. Consistency is what's got us top. It's the difference. Others might have played pretty football or had good runs but we've been steady all season.
  7. Or Whighton realised he had a goal bonus clause Bene was robbing him of
  8. Because it gets boring seeing us not lose again.
  9. Wonders of technology. We can do both. COYP
  10. How do I get rid of that stupid red "start clipping" button on the middle o the stream screen. Wtf.
  11. there it is. We've had plenty decisions go against us as well.
  12. He literally goes to the ball and had to jump out the way for the shot.
  13. Sounds like the difference between you and us is the manager ability, or lack of in your case to alter the formation and approach. McPake will rip up his tactics or change 3 players at half time if it's not working. Our management will tweak the tactics and team based on the opposition and if they get it wrong they don't hide and stick to it. FYI the offside ruled out goal was because Kennedy was off. Morrison pushed down would be a soft pen as he was tapped and fell down. I turned it off after that thinking id seen enough.
  14. Big win tomorrow needed now. Need to capitalise and all but finish this off. 11 points ahead is huge. Please
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