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  1. I’d argue that if anything we were in a better position than other teams. Kirkpatrick, Eadie, Meggatt and Hamilton on loan from hearts in theory are 4 good signings to a squad that was already playing quite well and had a good depth. The only long term injury we had was to Paul McLean which was a sore one. But apart from that no one was out for a sustained period of time without there being a decent enough back up to replace them. For me this is the best Albion squad put together since the fan takeover - including the team that won the play offs at East Fife. If I look at Stranraer in the game last Saturday, they only had 5 players on their bench. Apart from a small look at Greenhorn against QP we never had to rely on our youth players. Absolutely ridiculous to suggest that we were disadvantaged more than other teams. Cop out from the board who seem to be more interested in making excuses than admitting the fact that they made an arse of giving Kev a new contract before the season ended. We missed out on the play offs due to a persistence with 3 at the back which hasn’t worked in attack or defence since December, our inability to score at home, the fact that the goals we did score were basically just Andy Ryan assisting himself, and constantly bottling it against any team in the top half. Little to do with injuries, quite a lot to do with a poor manager IMO. I really really hope Kev proves me wrong next season but I’m skeptical to say the least.
  2. Must win for the Albion but unfortunately I can’t see it. 30 of our 35 points this season have come in games where Andy Ryan has either scored or assisted and he’s out of it. We’re so reliant on him and without him we seem to have absolutely nothing. Failing that you can normally rely on our defence to keep it tight. We can’t seem to do that at the moment. I desperately hope I’m wrong but we’ve all seen this rodeo before and it probably ends in Stirling defeat. If so, the decision to give Kev an extra years contract is going to look very daft. In my mind, we have one of the best squads in the league and a few weeks ago looked certain for the play offs. Obviously covid plays a part, but no play offs this year with the squad we have would be an absolute disaster.
  3. Can only dream mate! Cheers for all the responses guys, very much appreciated
  4. That’s absolutely fair enough, thanks for the feedback! I’m taking a note of all the stuff I potentially got wrong as a wee reflective part of where I could improve so any feedback is much appreciated! Overall, cheers for your responses guys. Appreciate it!
  5. Hi guys, Not sure if this is relevant/the correct place to put this but I am currently doing a survey on people’s opinions on Universal Basic Income as part of an undergraduate dissertation. If you have a spare 5 minutes to complete it, that would be much appreciated. https://basicincomeinscotland.questionpro.com Cheers
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