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  1. Yes, I agree with this. I have seen people debating how "crap" Scotland are by not qualifying, many of whom dont seem to understand how much more difficult it is for European teams like Scotland, Wales etc to qualify. I was watching that Aussie team when they beat Denmark, and outside of one or two central defenders I struggle to see which of them would walk into Scotlands current team.
  2. I think we can see with these Welsh subs just how poor their squad is going to be in the next few years.
  3. The positive is that - as we all know - England are now "amazing" and will continue to be until they come up against someone good. Hopefully France in the QF and a pumping.
  4. Commentator "wouldn't surprise me if some Wales fans are still here for a couple of weeks even if they go out" Aye, £200 a night in a tent, £8 for a pint of Bud, no nightlife to speak of.....Deffo a destination for fitba fans.......
  5. Pish game. Lots of pish free kicks. Wales playing pish. Foden almost scored a cracker there.
  6. Should have put a bet on "how many fuckin stupid times will Wales put the ball out under no pressure"
  7. Me too, but I dont really like Wales - and all this "welsh dream" pish we have heard from these bucket hatted wierdos in the run up to the WC has got on my tits. Might not be a popular view, but I wouldnt really care if England pump them later.
  8. Spent too much time in the Cafe Royal when I worked in St A Sq in the 80s, much prefer the Guildford now - brings back memories of Begbie flinging the pint pot over the parapet........
  9. He wont be around for the second one, imv We may as well just treat it like a 1980s derby - ignore the game and batter those unionist, tory, UVF loving scum up town post match.
  10. Apparently Boyles ACL issue was being "masked" by an over-developed miniscus, and the ACL has been an issue for maybe 6-7 years ! https://keepup.com.au/news/boyles-injury-revelation-as-injured-winger-relishes-new-title-cmv
  11. tbf, anyone who goes to Dubai on holiday can usually be placed in the "more money than sense" category, and I doubt that many give any thought to the people who toiled away building the air conditioned hotels and malls which they never venture outside of.
  12. It irritates me more than it should that the SFSA get airtime as if they are the "voice of the fans" when all they really have is a very narrow view of what a small number of our fans think.
  13. Croatia match yesterday, Gabby Logan, Alex Scott, Micah Richards and Ashley Williams were the ht punditry team. We were at MIL (87 yo) house - she pipes up "thats a bit unfair, its 3 to 1 there" My son was like...............
  14. Have you been in fucking therapy? Or maybe its me as I agree with every word of this post
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