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  1. And people still don't think there is a bias throughout Scotland towards the OF. Yep, thing is we were leading when Porteous was sent off and it clearly had an impact on the remainder of the match. You have to assume that the outcome at the weekend may also have been impacted had Aribo been sent off. However its the lack of any coverage or hot takes that is the most galling for me - Richard Foster was (on Saturday) still talking of Porteous tackle as "a potential career ender" when he was asked about the social media stuff - he was covering the Hearts match for R Scotland and said hee haw about Aribos straight leg, out of control, studs out challenge. No discussion on Sportscene either. Aye, they all even themselves out................................
  2. No sure we all are m9. I certainly wouldnt have been bragging about being in a semi given we were in 2 last year and ended up with the square root of fuckall. Back ot - I am unconvinced that this thread has much merit - wouldnt it be be more convenient if we could all just visit the main "Famous Aberdeen" thread to give us all an occasional giggle?
  3. Looking forward to Gerrards comments on this one. Perhaps Aribo "just isnt learning"? I see it wasnt covered by Sportscene or Richard "impartial" Foster who was doing the radio either.
  4. Like a man down. I hate to say it, he has been a great player but he is showing signs that he might be done at this level - occasional fleeting cameo aside, he is really not the same player he was before his heart issues. He wouldnt have even started if we had anyone else in midfield fit imo.
  5. Surely Dons fans not wanting him fired? He needs at least 3 or 4 more windows to spend oodles of Dave's cash to prove he's a dud.......
  6. Correct No greenie tho, as saying that an hour ago would have saved me reading all those eye bleeding posts.......
  7. Utd to be stripped of the 3 points for shite pyro is my only hope........
  8. Absolutely. We have been shite, but Utd have been impressive. Some finish as well, I was right behind it and it was a goal all the way.
  9. 3-0 Hibs, Porteous hat trick, all scored from the posh seats in the West Upper.
  10. I rarely listen to Sportsound these days, maybe only returning from matches, but when I do catch it I find that Miller has some decent thoughts.................and also has some "old school" ideas, perhaps not surprising due to his age. When I have heard him and Michael Stewart discuss issues it comes across as sensible...................unfortunately, Sportsound often then introduces a clueless spoon like those in bold to give their "well thought out" input.
  11. Good show again last night. Borthwick is a good addition to the full show, as is Thewliss. Sked could do with an extended period on the subs bench.
  12. Why not put up a poll and see who on here had heard of the 4 lads or whatever the feck its called ? My guess is hardly any.
  13. I dont think @RandomGuy. was. Until this thread I had never even heard of that song. I had heard the Famine Song being sung many many times at ER. Perhaps if it was sung, I may have mistaken it for the one which is belted out with gusto by the braindead neanderthals?
  14. I have no idea who made a point about "add ons". Lets just ignore that one. I appreciate that Rangers have told fans not to sing TFS at Ibrox, but they do sing it at Easter Road, and based on the responses on here plenty other away days. Rangers board members of course will hear it sung at away grounds, so to sanction a song - any song - with that tune alongside an official launch is just taking the piss. Its pretty simple, your club is using the 4 lads song as a dogwhistle proxy for The Famine Song.
  15. I have just caught up with this. Christ.... Had a wee look online and I see the faux offended "its ma laddies favourite tune, so it is" mob are having a go at M Stewart for his questioning of this official video. Much as I dislike Celtic, I wonder what the reaction would be if Celtic did a kit launch to the tune of some Reb song (with a variation on lyrics, of course)? Rangers are, and always have been, taking the piss out of Scottish Football. Unfortunately Scottish Football continues to sook at their collective tits.
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