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  1. Do we know if Rangers will allow us to have any fans at this match?
  2. Livi fans were also there in the LC match. As you say, the competition rules require it. Over to you SPFL
  3. Probably safer, the amount of spittle that ends up on away supports there is bound to cause an outbreak of something disgusting.
  4. Definitely. If Brophy does have or has developed concussion, then I'm sure that medical advice would be for him to miss at least the next game. ............and, this might sound controversial but in days of fairly thin squads - shouldnt we be looking at short term emergency loans rather than rushing players back? (maybe you can already do this, IDK ? Its not just goalkeeper that is a "specialist" position where most teams have fewer players to cover.
  5. You appear to be the man who puts the "dick" in predictions So, to summarise, unbeaten Hibs have over 10 matches to gain that 5 points or you are photographed sitting in a bath of beans? Oooft, mystic meg was wrong....................again
  6. I think it depends - you are supposed to monitor and evaluate. We had Paul Hanlon out for almost 3 weeks earlier in the season.
  7. Ridiculous to suggest that Glass should be sacked. Last season, another young manager Callum Davidson couldnt buy a win for the first part of the league and ended up (in most peoples eyes) Manager of the Year.
  8. Watched the highlights, not a penalty - can only assume Beaton thought it came off his other arm. Must be a tough one to take for the decent Saintees fan.
  9. His posts are like the ramblings of a drunk who found someones laptop. Some of these gimps think that we shouldnt be pleased that we won against a team we havent beat here for years. Hes probably pulling wings off flies as we speak........
  10. The fermers were going radge at him today, sure I saw one boy trip over his tweed troosers. Was funny, but not as funny as Clarkes failed attempt to put Boyle off by having a drink of water at the pen
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