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  1. You need to learn to relax mate, it's only a game..........
  2. Hallelujah, something we can agree on. I just watched the highlights, and there is a coin bouncing toward Oda. Disgusting behaviour - I mean, how is the laddie going to spend that when everywhere demands contactless these days?
  3. Unlucky DABs, I thought you would do well earlier in the season. No sure about the Goodwin appointment tho. See you on the other side etc...............
  4. So you both stopped celebrating the goal in time to spot Hibs fans throwing things at him?
  5. Hmmmm, I assume you have footage for us? I was at the match and didnt see that - they would have had to be (a) fucking fast, and (b) pretty fucking accurate with those coin throws, as Oda ran straight for the remedial section after he scored from the edge of the box. On the other hand, the evidence on the Cabraja one is pretty straightforward..............I am a bit surprised that Hearts have not come out with a statement yet. But, I suppose when you have Hearts reserve keeper throwing a hot water bottle (wtf??) at our staff, its unlikley that those in charge of Hearts actually give a f**k about the neanderthals who pay to get in the stadium actually attacking our players.
  6. Nothing whatsoever on the front page of BBC Sport Scotland about the bottom 6 matches..................
  7. No, no - they are not bothered at all. 'kinell man, haven't you been listening? They have been telling us all season that 4th was probably a successful season for them.
  8. Was offered a contract in Jan, but apparently some big English clubs been in for him since last year (think he's been down to look around two). Would deffo preferred to see him on the bench rather than the Tavarez / Bojangles type of pish we signed last summer..........
  9. Yep, I have just done the same from Giphys own site, quite an odd one when its ok for some of us and doing this for others........not the biggest issue in the world, and I suppsoe it will resolve itself at some point.
  10. Just seen that Cadden has a suspected ruptured Achilles........that's brutal.
  11. They will be ST holders so it shouldn't be too difficult for Hearts to i.d. and pass the details on to the police.
  12. I'm assuming you lads are describing your valiant attempt at 3rd spot here?
  13. A wee bit of handbags, FFS. And yet they were silent about 90 minutes of sectarianism from rangers at Easter road a week ago.......
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