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  1. Porteous contract should have been dealt with one way or the other in the summer, but unfortunately Ian Gordon was too busy handing out 5 year deals to Sunday league jobbers.....
  2. It's not exactly news to anyone connected with Hibs that he wasn't signing.....and obviously not news to his agent . All this does is tell clubs he's available in January rather than have him hanging round til May. (Imv)
  3. The way he's been playing he should have been dropped in October.
  4. He needs to bring Foden on right now. Southgate is a shitebag
  5. There's also the reality that defensively they are weak - so he sets up the midfield to protect that defence. ......and they will be ripped apart by a team with a good midfield
  6. Their issue is they have a lot of good players, but Southgate is asking some of them to do things they wouldn't for their clubs. When they are kinda unshackled they do ok, but he has them set up too passive.
  7. England are shite, fitba isnae coming home even if they win tonight.
  8. Southgate has some decent players looking like championship fodder
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