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  1. Without getting too political she is a thick arsehole, promoted several levels above her max (plate collector at a supermarket cafe, at best). Culture is "her brief" as well as Sport etc. In front of the culture select committee answering questions on her plan to sell off Ch4, she stated that Ch4 receives public funding (it doesnt). She also said it should follow the ch5 down the privatisation route (ch5 was never publicly owned). She then said that 96% of people back the campaign to privatise Ch4 (when it was 96% against). I dont often use the word c**t to describe a woman, but she is a dangerous, stupid c**t.
  2. Whenever we are having food that needs these added, I always ask my wife if she wants some "ja-LAH-pen-YOS", only because I know it rips her knitting
  3. Dorries really is thick as pigshit.............
  4. If a club is more what you want, Edinburgh City social club is less than a 5 minute walk from the away end at Lochend. https://www.facebook.com/EdinburghCityFCSocialClub Havent been in since it changed to their social club, but I hear its decent (Hibs fans go in pre match too). Alternatively you could contact the Hibs Club at Sunnyside? Again, a short walk https://hibsclub.co.uk/ They may also be able to take you if prebooked?
  5. Fairly straightforward runout today. You can see that LJ wants the players to press all over the pitch and work really hard winning the ball back. Our options from each wing are a lot better now, McGeady still has great feet and can pick out a cross almost at will. We definitely need another experienced striker. Difficult to tell how Marshall was, as neither of our keepers had a save to make but presumably he will have more to deal with on Friday v Burton Albion. As an aside, Hartlepool are dreadful. p.s. Rocky absolutely scooshed it in the half he was on - what a player
  6. I am self employed (and semi retired) so it doesnt really impact me. However, I happened to catch Question Time - from Stratford on Avon - last week and it annoyed the f**k out of me. The way the handpicked Tory Gammon wanksocks in the audience, helped by that torycunt Fiona Bruce, treated Mick Lynch made me hope he continues to rip the absolute arse out of them. Power to the people etc
  7. I have a mate who stays near Falkirk. He has a neighbour across the road and all the males in the family dress in this way all year - Rangers trackies, Rangers training gear, Rangers medallions (!) and he also has a large bear statue in the garden. Some people think this is normal behaviour - its handy, because the rest of us can (a) have them marked as wanks immediately, and (b) avoid any restaurant / licensed premises they frequent on the basis it will undoubtedly be mince.
  8. Somebody in Livingston selling this Pufferfish for £25 Appears to have "googly eyes" glued on
  9. People who try to do nice things and unintentionally f**k it up. e.g. Food recycling bin day tomorrow. Looking forward to having to go next door (like last 4 b*****ding weeks) as one of them, helpfully, takes the bins in for 2 or 3 houses up their shared drive and round the back - and always, fucking always, takes mine as well. Yes, it is very petty.....................
  10. Roman............. You always need to bring the pope into it, eh?
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