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  1. Its even better that we bought out St Mirrens 30% sellon clause for £10k as well
  2. He prefaced that by "......I dont want to cause problems for Scotland...." Press Conf equivalent of "with respect" ahead of calling someone a total c**t.
  3. I know what you mean - but the (idiot) commentators and journalists appear in equal parts baffled and fully conversant that Mount and Chilwell are isolating in line with PHE guidelines. They cant seem to get their heads round the - rather obvious unless you are fuckin spangle - clear implication that 3 young Chelsea players were hugging and chatting for an extended period post match..........which is entirely different from "being in the same hotel as Billy Gilmour". Its amusing watching them thrash about looking for someone to blame for something.
  4. Even my wife - uninterested in football - commented on the thoroughly English focus on the news at 10. Its no like they have lost a player to a +ve test, ffs......................
  5. Still can't get over the full stadium in Copenhagen.......and we will have about 10k there tomorrow 🙄
  6. Finland gone from 2nd and qualifying to last spot. Fucking hell !
  7. Chadli for Belgium needs hooked now. Cannae cross the road.
  8. Pearce said the same earlier. They know f**k all. But, enough about all that, let's talk about England......
  9. No just one because one of the them has to finish second. Ta, so lets say you had an irrational dislike of the Welsh, a skelping would maybe put them out?
  10. Turkey just scored, 2-1 down. If Italy totally skelp Wales is that the 2 we need?
  11. Wales down to 10 men................
  12. Switched over to the Wales game - John Hartson - christ, he makes Danny Murphy sound intelligent.
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