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  1. For anyone else to leave we're either going to have to agree a payoff for them, or another club will need to come in for them. The latter is unlikely if they're as shite as we think they are. I wouldn't be surprised if others leave, but thats going to take time. Still seeing people hoping McGinley will leave despite the fact we just extended him a couple of months ago.
  2. I mind chasing Colin O'Neil after his testimonial. Surprised he didn't elbow me.
  3. The story of the season video premiere is in 20mins. Wonder if we'll erase Watt from the records.
  4. Sorry for the source, but KVV sitting with a fan while he gets a tattoo of him sounds like something he'd do. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/local-sport/motherwell-striker-offers-support-fan-27000473
  5. No pics of the pitch today? Did they stop working? I'm losing my hearing due to the lack of noise coming from the club.
  6. Scottish club cricket is also fun, especially in the lower leagues, we have fights and get to shout abuse at eachother for 7 hours then go for a drink, I miss it.
  7. I'm for Donnelly joining the paneer connection, he'd enjoy battering folk in that league. I'm hoping we can sign an absolute tank to look after Slattery, he needs protected, people keep knocking him over.
  8. It's hard to predict when a player may breakout, and some don't. In cases like Craigan, a couple of seasons of regular football worked wonders for him, and we were able to bring him back for a great spell. Some players may just need the right system, club, or manager to click, but in general being released by us doesn't work out too well.
  9. Used to play cricket, but I fell out with my team, and I don't think my Scottish team will pay to bring me home. I've been playing 25+ years, so finding something new is hard, maybe I'll try guitar harder.
  10. A fair bit of whinging going on around the socials about the amount of people leaving the club. Other than Lasley, which is different because he's been associated with us for over 20 years, the other are just normal churn, no? If GA just "forced" las out to be the COO at another prem club, then people will be lining up to piss him off. Not getting the O'Connor love in either, he seemed a nice guy, and is funny, but he barely played for us. He seemed to hit the sweet spot where he played a handful of games and wasn't terrible, but wasn't exposed to the fans enough to get the treatment. So now he's the one that got away. I mind the same with Adam Cummins. He may turn out to be good, but we can't keep everyone, and I have to believe that we're looking at someone experienced but not crocked to settle that defence. I assume hinchcliffe leaving is due to GA bringing in his own folk, or just because there was a better paying gig at Utd. I'm sure we'llnfind another competent goalie coach.
  11. Maybe Alexander has found the solution for stopping transfer rumors, to go along with gaslighting us on injuries and the like. He's a villain. Saying that, off to find the list of out of contract players in Scotland, and promising championship guys. Here it is https://www.transfermarkt.com/scottish-premiership/endendevertraege/wettbewerb/SC1
  12. Lamie going for blue steel, he knows what he's doing, that's prob why he modelled the strips.
  13. If you're looking to repeat scott-gate, then it's Shields that will get villified, and everyone will forget that it was actually Van Veen that scored. I'd prefer if all our players just do the Slattery fall over every time a Celtic player is near them, then wave for a card at every opportunity. We've got Europe to prepare for.
  14. If we get something out of tomorrow I'm pretty sure St Mirren will swoop in to sign Norovirus on Monday.
  15. So there's two possibilities here. 1- this work will discover the buried voodoo doll that makes us bad at throw-ins. Or 2 - this work will disturb an ancient burial ground resulting in us being cursed with even worse throw-ins.
  16. GA hates the middle of the pitch and the middle of the season. I had to actually do my job this afternoon, so barely saw the game. Looking forward to watching the replay and still shitting it during injury time.
  17. I too would like to take this opportunity to strike any non-happy-clappy / snarky comment from the record, as I have always had 100% confidence in this team of absolute ballers, and our manager who obviously knows what he's doing.
  18. Roberts against county was a beauty, I'd put that and the Cornelius one above Watt's. Shame that Efford's volley tomorrow can't be included.
  19. Since then he signed Sol, Ojala and re-signed McGinley. So I think he abandoned the idea completely.
  20. We need to be better, startiiiiinnng......now! ...hold on.....I'm mean now.....ok...now...on three...one...two..start again.
  21. We are destined to succeed despite ourselves. If we chuck the next three games, Rangers will win the Europa and we'll get an extra place (not sure that's a thing, but I think it will happen anyway). We're too big to fail.
  22. It's absolutely guaranteed to be in the papers tomorrow either way. Facebook will pick it up from here, someone there will stick it on Twitter, and then it will end up back on SO again. That will be enough for the record.
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