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  1. That was a tough watch. Was a boyhood hero of mine. That patter was rank f‘n rotten.
  2. A proverbial „get out of jail free“ card for Germany. Assuming they don‘t lose by too many against Spain this evening, then a pumping of CR sees them through.
  3. Have been to the hospitality at Firhill with my brothers and father a few times. In general a good day out, though the last time the seating was cramped as f*ck due to one of the other groups at the table having “miscalculated” their numbers. In Germany, it’s mega expensive. H96 (which I’ve never been to) costs €351 this season (when in the top division is €400). Have been to the VIP room in Wolfsburg 3 times. Costs €300 but always had a freebie from a mate. Despite being a buffet, the food was top notch. In 2 hours before k/o and allowed to stay for 2 hours afterwards, with the service personnel asking if you wanted another drink as soon as your glass was down to ⅓ full.
  4. A 1-1 draw in Kiel to see out the 1st round of fixtures. Missed out on getting a seated ticket, so ended up in the standing section which in a small stadium like Kiel's means in with the Ultras and it's like watching through a kaleidoscope made out of flags. BL2 now onto an extended break for the WC / winter, and resumes on the last weekend in January.
  5. Was similar at the H96 - Düsseldorf game on Tuesday night. The banner in the 2nd photo translates as "Team DFB, you've all got blood on your studs".
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