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  1. Zhivago's was in Ingram Street. Only time in the 'disco above the Apollo' would've been a Spear of Destiny gig in 1983. Was known as Penthouse then.
  2. H96 revealed their new strips for the upcoming season. A fairly yellowish shade of red, almost scarlet, as compared to most seasons. Quite like the black/green/grey away top. No comment on the ‚mint green‘ 3rd strip.
  3. #PopCultured #32 https://histordle.com/popcultured
  4. Fixtures for BL & BL2 announced earlier. https://www.bundesliga.com/en/bundesliga After playing RB Leipzig in the ‚Supercup‘ on the 30th July, Bayern Munich travel to Frankfurt for the opening game the following Friday. H96 kick off proceedings in BL2 with an away trip to Kaiserlautern for the opening game on Friday 15th July.
  5. Under normal circumstances, yes. BL2 starts mid July 15th-17th this season due to the World Cup kicking off in November.
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