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  1. People in Twechar will be referring to "the Bully". Nickname of the Quarry Inn, which despite all the various names it's been operating as, "the Bully" has always stuck. Used to host the Twechar beer festival back in the day.
  2. Both upcoming games against Ukraine now listed. Have seen folk on the TAMB saying that they've purchased "home" tickets.
  3. 400km/250 miles from where I live to Sandhausen, so day off work and overnight in Heidelberg for the game on Friday night. Ca. 500/550 Hannoveraner saw them get their 1st ever win in the Hartwald stadium. A fairly easy win in the end, although going from 1-3 to 2-3 made the last 15-20 minutes a bit arse-clenchy. The 3 points takes H96 to 3rd in the table. After the international break, next game is at home under the floodlights against Hamburg.
  4. In Heidelberg, about to head off to tonights game in Sandhausen. Made in Stuttgart.
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