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  1. Magnificent names archive

    On loan this season to H96. Scored his 1st goal for the club in a pre-season friendly yesterday.
  2. Unpopular opinions.

    Google again and then select the shopping tag. Here in Germany numerous sources show up. 100g for 69 €uro-cents. Would also assume that it'll be available in most Asian supermarkets.
  3. Bundesliga 2018/2019

    Exact days & times now announced through to gameday 6 (end September).
  4. Thanks for posting. There's an old German guy, must be mid 70s, who accompanies me and another (Scottish mother / German father) guy to the occasional away (and also home game). He lives in Gifhorn, which is in between Wolfsburg & Hannover. He was at this game and a couple of years later the company (Volkswagen supplier) he was working for had a tie-up with a Scottish company, who had sent over some employees. Somehow he ended up going to a couple of Scotland away games and has continued since then. Says he could never be @rsed with the German national team and also the glory-hunting aspect.
  5. England v Sweden

  6. A week in Germany

    Would also add Augsburg. Enjoyed this place the few times I've been down that way for the football.
  7. World Cup Sweepie

    Ah well! nutzlose Arschlöcher!