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  1. A typical pre-season 0-0 borefest yesterday at the Ostseestadion in Rostock between Hansa & H96. Despite the football, an enjoyable day/night out. In the Hansa fanprojekt social club before and after the game, and stayed over at a fellow SSC fans apartment.
  2. Due to the present TV contract(s) they'll still be in place this season as well as next.
  3. Tonight will be spent on the Deutsche Bahn web-site. Kiel at 18:30 on a Friday isn‘t the best, probably do an overnight. Hamburg on a Sunday but the 13:30 k/o means no mad rush to get the last train back. Also Nürnberg fans will be pissed at having to travel to Hannover for a Monday night game (ca. 600 mile round-trip!).
  4. Lived in India for 2½ years. Mostly in Gujarat, which is primarily vegetarian, but also travelled around Delhi, Rajastan & Maharhashtra. Would echo most of the comments above, ie it's not as spicy as often served in the UK, unless specifically asked for. Eat local dishes, rather than as Tight John McVeigh is a tit says, hashed western dishes. One of the few times that I had stomach problems was caused by a Dominoes pizza! As regards water, make sure the seal isn't broken and stick with the main brands, Bisleri, Aquafina etc. Also don't forget to use bottled water for brushing your teeth. As regards Ice cubes, then no issue in the main hotel chains but be careful at some of the tourist spots from vendors outside. Out on the road there is next to no chance of a toilet having toilet paper, so keep a bog-roll or a packet of tissues with you. At service stations etc. then quite often it'll be Asian style squat toilets, although if there is a disabled one, then it'll be a western style one.
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