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  1. Bundestag elections (plus some local ones) coming up on Sunday. Polling card received a couple of weeks ago. End of an era with Angela Merkel stepping down after 16 years as Chancellor. Will, as usual, be a coalition government. Still no certainty as to what the make up will be. As in the UK, shit loads of parties taking part (in some constituencies at least). Full list, in English, here. My favourite is the du, Die-Urbane, an anti-colonial & critical of power Hip-Hop Party. As regards the 3 candidates for Chancellor, all 3 are a bit of a step-down from Merkel. Only the main parties standing in the constituency where I live. Haven’t yet made a decision as to who to vote for (mixed member PR system, so one candidate vote and one party list vote). The AfD can p!ss fücking off!
  2. In Germany Sky has the BL games on Saturdays, but DAZN have the Friday & Sunday games. Sky also has the BL2 games, outwith the Saturday 20:30 game (on free to air Sport1). DAZN however now has the CL rights in Germany apart from the occasional (ie Bayern) game which is on Amazon.
  3. My Facebook is about 50:50 English:German. The same p!sh gets posted as much in German. Recent example was someone having a rant / demanding that the GEZ (TV licence in Germany) gets binned, with a ‚I bet no one will dare share‘ at the bottom. Same with the anti-vaxx stuff. Most of them will also post AfD nonsense as well. There are fruitloops in every country.
  4. We did that last week courtesy of an Austr(al)ian!
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