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  1. Fixtures for BL & BL2 now released. Bayern host Schalke and Dortmund host Gladbach on game day 1. For H96 it's Karlsruher (h), Osnabrück (a), Braunschweig (h) & Paderborn (a). With no away fans till the end of the year, then ticking off visits to Osnabrück & Paderborn will be put back to next year. Be interesting to see how much of a police presence is still required for the Braunschweig game.
  2. 6 for Tynie quiz. Not sure if intended, but the last thing a H96 fan want's to be is a Lion...Braunschweig cünts.
  3. Extraordinary general meeting between the DFL and the 36 clubs in BL & BL2. 4 topics voted on in the discussions/negotiations about allowing fans back in to stadiums. 1) No away fans until the end of the year. Situation will be reviewed then. 2) No access to standing sections until at least the 31st October. 3) No alcohol to be sold inside stadiums until at least the 31st October. 4) All fan details to be collected as part of track & trace. As to how many fans will actually be allowed in will be decided at local government level, with each club having to submit their ‚Hygiene-plan‘ to their local health ministry based on the 41 page guideline dossier which the DFL released a couple of weeks back. Be interesting to see how the decisions on fan numbers roll-out from region to region, considering some of the very large variations in infection rates across the country.
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