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  1. Stay in troon mate. I’d imagine the reserve list has a fair few on it already. Quite last minute plan to go up to cove hence why I didn’t already get seat on bus
  2. Anyone driving to cove with a spare seat? Don’t mind contributing to food costs. Just realised trains are on strike
  3. Mcginty had an alright game and a cracking goal but does it not frustrate you how 9/10 times when he gets the ball it’s just booted straight up top.
  4. I would also disagree with bullens thought on ashford. He’s pretty much done nothing since he scored on his debut against accies. He very rarely jumps for the ball and spends most of his time rolling on the ground. But he runs about a lot so that’s why he starts. Credits to Musonda he had a very good game as did Macalister
  5. I think it’s true we need to get out the fringe players and get in new signings with quality either on loan or permanently. Everyone can see that team needs at least 2 quality signings. If we offered Mcinroy and Adeloye decent money then that money must still be available. With the best will in the world McAllister/Hewitt and Mckenzie are currently not championship level.
  6. What are the opening times of the club shop? Need to pick up season ticket
  7. If your ever on a Glasgow train on a Sunday morning with a game at ibrox you’ll see why ayr haven’t got a particularly large support.
  8. I’m assuming we won’t have to sit where the ticket says and aw the folk chanting can just stand in the same bit? Going to be a cracking atmosphere ️️. FTK
  9. We created the atmosphere at firhill on Tuesday with 280 odd fans
  10. Tickets bought for the derby game that was postponed, will the QR code still work fine?
  11. No sure what game you were watching but Ben Dempsey is a huge upgrade on slow joe.
  12. how can one have watched every Ayr game this season and say that. Fair enough footballers make mistakes that’s understandable but the amount of time mcginty has personally cost us points is massive.
  13. Andy murdoch has been Ayr’s best player this season by an apsolute country mile of that there is no doubt. If he signs a contract extension that would be a superb bit of business but i canny see it unfortunately.
  14. I agree. Ayr will be a far better team if we can just get muirhead back to centre half, stick murdoch infront of the back 4 as that is his best position then sign a creative midfielder. Ayr have been needing a creative midfielder since Kerr became manager. I have faith in bullen to sort this problem!
  15. What’s the script with Tomi does he train with the team each day? 10 minutes ago he was according to his insta in a gym in London. Surely Ayr would be training today?
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