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  1. All these Reds under our beds! Thank god for Johnson.
  2. Please! Please! Make it so. Before Uncle Ian is back from holiday.
  3. Spectacularly missed the point that an" agriculture" side wins trophies.
  4. Hahaha. What a zoomer! Mind you you are a Dundee fan. So no surprise!
  5. St. Johnstone win trophies and didn't get relegated or have had 2 administrations.
  6. And people think he will be the next Labour PM? Hehehe
  7. Starmer" Blah! , blah! The Queen, blah! , blah Union Flags in the back ground, blah! , blah!" What a snorefest he and his party is.
  8. Now! Let's see if Dullard Starmer will make Hay on thus? I don't hold out much hope.
  9. That would mean Johnson hanging by a rope awaiting someone to kick the stool from under him.
  10. Hahaha. Starmer as PM? More chance of Thistle winning the Champions League before the next General election.
  11. No it doesn't. Johnson and his acolytes are showing the true face of the Tory party. A new leader may show a more compassionate face, but hide their true feelings. They hide behind a mask of respectabity and that makes them even more dangerous. But Johnson will still be PM after tonight's vote.
  12. Doesn't matter who is Tory leader. They are all utter vermin. Disgusting human beings. Its just that under Boris they have shown their true face in public. Better for the opposition that Boris continues to constantly remind people of what they really are.
  13. You are the one who ranted on about Covid and Thistle, then a personal attack on myself. What relevance have they to the topic of the Scotland national team?. You are the one who needs to look in the mirror here.
  14. Oh dear! You have some anger issues there.
  15. I am having a meltdown. Pissing myself laughing.
  16. I stand corrected. But a country with only 4 actual top class league clubs they still put us to utter shame.
  17. I thought you would gave got your anger out of your system by now?
  18. A rugby union nation showing a footballing nation ( Scotland) how it should be done. We are a pathetic footballing nation.
  19. Well done to Wales. At least Scotland have company in the mighty Northern Ireland staying at home.
  20. At least they can now go home and fight the Ruskies.
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