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  1. With a heavy heart I say " No point in Labour" anymore.
  2. Metropolitan police have dropped its investigation against Patrick Grady.
  3. I remember Dougie Somner hit 4 in a 4-2 win over Forfar in the Spring Cup under Bertie Auld.
  4. Voted No in 2014 on the hope that a Labour government would be along soon and we would be OK in the UK. I think I have been proved wrong on that. Now a seemingly perpetual Tory government who do as they want without repercussions and a Labour party drifting further and further right. I have said on numerous times that I am not a fan of SNP( not left wingvenough). But in an independent Scotland parties will diverge, split and new ones shall appear, and I believe a left of centre will become the government of Scotland. We must grasp this opportunity to rid ourselves of our neighbours who we have nothing politically in common with.
  5. Countdown to hopefully jettisoning this fascist Tory government and a weak right wing Labour Party and the outdated Union flag.
  6. Grade should be thrown out the party, Blackford should step down as Westminster leader and Sturgeon should review her position as party leader.
  7. Proud to support a club built on bigotry? Wow! That just sums it all up about you!
  8. So. You can't find any quote of me saying I wish a Tory victory at the next election? Ah well! Rangers supporter. Full deflection mode.
  9. My! What a deranged rant. I shall ask again. Where have I ever said I want the Tories to win the next election. I am consistent in that and also in the fact that Labour are a very poor opposition. So carry on with your Sevco like delusion.
  10. I'd rather that than 6 right wing scumbags infect the party with their poison.
  11. But 6 Tories who have backed everything Johnson said and done before he got caught. Scumbags, the lot of them.
  12. Yet we made the play offs in our first season vack???
  13. The hurt of supporting a club who squandered millions and entered administration twice. What a basket case of a club.
  14. Apologies. Administration. Just couldn't pay your debts. Like Sevco?
  15. Big time? Well, if going bust twice is big time then I bow to your wisdom.
  16. Broadfoot Crawford Cammy Smith ( you can have him) Griffiths.
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