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  1. Have a look at history. Burnley are a far more traditional club of Nothern England by a mile.
  2. Coming from a Greenock Morton fan that is ultra ironic. Lol
  3. Oh my! Your blindness is utterly astonishing, but no surprise really.
  4. Incompetent? Yet you vote Conservative? A party who believes in people progressing themselves and be aspirational must first create a society where no one is left behind. The Conservative party don't believe in a society. If you are unfortunate enough to be in a position where you don't get opportunities to better yourself, then your party doesn't care and leaves you behind. Regards being secretive, I don't think anyone can look beyond your beloved Conservatives.
  5. The opinion polls on an independence vote does favour the unionist parties at the moment. But remember that pre 2014 the polls showed an average of 68% No to 32% Yes. It ended 55% 45%. If that swing to happen again, then independence would be voted for. I suspect that the pandemic slowed the surge right down. Now we are moving clear of that, we will get back to the normal. And SNP's biggest ally is this Tory government. There are no left leaning parties in Scotland at the moment because Labour are beholden to London and are pro union. If Labour broke with London, but stayed affiliated then they would probably start eating into the SNP vote. Of course there are morons in both countries, but as a percentage I would bet that England's share is bigger. Xenophobia in the Brexit campaign clearly showed that. And the rise in extreme right wing organisations in England is alarming.
  6. I think you have blinkers of unionism on. Scottish voters are more progressive than English ones nowadays. They are rejecting far right politics. The only vehicle open for independence is the SNP. The Labour, who are a mess, I genuinely believe there will be a break up of the SNP with splinter groups of left, right and centre forming other parties. Hopefully a socialist party emerges to carry Scottish voters real concern of a society( which Tories don't believe in) to power. I suspect that the SNP would hold together for a first independent election. After that I believe there will be a big sea change in Scottish politics. I think Brexit proves right away that, on the whole, show Scottish voters to be a bit wiser in politics than the English. Xenophobia, racism and the little Englander truism poured out at the referendum.
  7. Really? Tartan Tories? I voted Labour since 1979 until the last General Election. The SNP could be labelled as Tartan Tories years back, but not now. I am no SNP fan by any means but I am voting for them to push the independence agenda. Since 2010 the English have shown they are natural Tories and Brexit opened Pandora's box of the racist element in them. Look at opinion polls. The most corrupt government in my lifetime and yet Labour would still not win a majority. The English voter love the Tories. The only way now to get rid of the Tories in Scotland is by independence. As soon as we get it, I will be looking at left wing parties to vote for, not the SNP. And as for a coalition with LibDems? They are a horrible unprincipled band. Anything for power. Remember what they done with the Tories? And where is the truth of a Labour government before a successful independence vote?
  8. No chance. Labour aren't right wing enough to win in England. And in Scotland they are a loss of a vote. The best they can hope for is being the largest party and a coalition with LibDems. Which is just more of the same under the Tories.
  9. What have St. Mirren got to offer that we can't? Oh wait! A tidy stadium, probably more dosh and of course Premiership status.
  10. C'mon now lads. We've had our fun ( hee hee), maybe we should leave ( hahaha) them to wallow in their grief( tee hee), After all they were( titter) representing Scotland( hahahahahaha). Oh f**k it! Right up them. Heeheehee. Utterly delicious.
  11. Oh my! This tastes utterly delicious. Hahahahahaha Hahahahahaha Hahahahahaha Hahahahahaha.
  12. A repeat of the 1960 European semi final of 12-4 on aggregate for Eintracht would be nice.
  13. This is a Tory MP. The law does not apply to them. Nothing to see here. Move on. The real outrage in the country at the moment is Liverpool fans booing the national anthem. Despicable behaviour.
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