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  1. Maybe I should clarify what I am saying. Of course I want Scotland to be at Qatar finals, so I will be supporting and rooting for Scotland against Ukraine. But! I am saying that whilst defeat is extremely disappointing, I won't lose my head or go into depression and will move on to the next project for Scotland.
  2. What's all the fuss? We win= yippee We lose= disappointment. We move onto Nations League.
  3. Brexit was always going to be decided by England. I won't get over the systematic lies over it for people to personally gain and set out to destroy UK as a whole which is happening. But. No surprise you are happy with a society being destroyed.
  4. After being told a tissue of lies which England swallowed.
  5. Utter bilge. Personal responsibility should always be forefront of any human being. But! You have a government who don't give a fig about people in despair. People who are working, can't afford the cost of living. Disadvantaged people, people who cannot fend for themselves through no fault of their own. And why has it taken so long to help these people? Youe the archetypal Tory. "I am all right Jack f**k you" Disgusting reprehensible and downright subhuman.
  6. Brexit we voted differently, but it is foisted upon us????
  7. It all depends on circumstances, family etc. It isn't all black and as in your right wing Tory world. And why as a country are our energy prices spiralling to ridiculous levels where in EU prices are being reduced. All to do with rampant capitalism and a far right Tory government which you support? Shameful to humanity!
  8. The austerity hitting us now is shameful. It won't be any worse.
  9. I would say the opposite. Separatism gives us an opportunity to re enter the Eurozone. As part of the UK, that is not an option.
  10. Entirely different circumstances to 2014. Brexit etc. Separation is alive and well.
  11. It isn't about only financial betterment. It's about society care, civil liberties, creating a society where you do not fear the liss of liberties and rights as well as financial betterment of your own people. Our future is NOT fully in our hands. It is beholden to a Westminster government who have no regards for Scotland or even Wales and Northern Ireland ( particularly at the moment). They are little Englanders and their arrogance permeats throughout society. Yet again, I will say that Brexit unleashed the simmering right wing bigotry and small minded of the populace that ensured a huge Tory majority. Even if Labour manage a majority at the next election they will not improve things much. They are petrified as being a' social' party because wether you like it or not, the media run elections and Labour dance to their tune. Have done so since Blair. Hence, no matter what you think of Blair and what he got up to( nothing in comparison to our present PM), he always won elections. Majorities in Westminster are made in England, and Scotland invariably gets the government it didn't vote for.
  12. Poverty is getting worse. Brexit. Loss of trade, extra cost for companies importing and exporting. Because of Tory rule Inflation. Rampant. Because of Tory Rule. Cost of living crises. Because Tory rule held back any help to people in most need, indeed withdrew the extra benefit given during covid, when they were warned that it would drop people into poverty. Tory rule. Child poverty. Worsening year on year since the Tories came in. Because of Tory rule People who were just keeping their heads above water before this present economic crisis are now drowning and in utter despair. Because of Tory rule. Because of Tory rule poverty on Britain is worse since records began and is worsening by the day. A Tory government who, quite frankly, do not care about the poor, disadvantaged and the disabled, because they don't contribute to society through no fault of their own. This Tory government is the most reactionary right wing administration in history. Even Thatcher didn't go this far. She even changed her policies into her second term when she saw it was destroying Britain.
  13. I personally wouldn't. I believe independence is the only way to prosper, in the long term, for Scotland. The Union is a busted flush. Is hasn't served Scotland well for years, if ever? Even under Labour governments. And the Labour Party in Scotland took the Scottish electorate far too much for granted for too long, me included. They got what they deserved at the ballot box and continue to do so. Time to get out and decide our own fate and mistakes.
  14. We have become isolationist due to Brexit. If Scotland win independence and gets back into the EU, we shall no longer be isolationist.
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