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  1. Really? She has been an utter shambles and a severe embarrassment to the club, with her antics. And remember she appointed Caldwell. And it was here successors that binned him and brought McCall in, before her vanity brought her back with Colin Whyte's cash.
  2. It will certainly be an improvement on the days I was attending Yoker's games. Lol. Ramshackle , rundown and with no social club. The days of big John Bagdonas at centre back for the Whe Ho.
  3. Excellent. Haven't been to Holm Park in years. Be good to see the new modern facility.
  4. Be a great atmosphere at Holm Park if it's Clydebank v. Clyde.
  5. We all know that the BBC are nothing bit Tory arse lickers. They should be privatised at the first opportunity and abolish the licence fee.
  6. Ray Farningham, Davie Irons and Graeme Robertson would wal into the team. ETA Grant Tierney.
  7. Lennon! Seems Thistle done you a massive favour by panicking your directors to offer him an extended contract!
  8. This just all but confirms that your chairman is a Trump loving cretin.
  9. Firhill is a very good playing surface these days. The club invested a quite a bit of money on it in recent years.
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