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  1. I really hope the Tories close the gap on Labour, so it looks as if they might still win again. It's the best way of a thumping SNP vote up here.
  2. I lived through the Thatcher years. They were horrible b*****ds then. And we thought we had seen a fascist mob in power. This mob are even more disgusting and they do it in plain sight. There are even some parts of the social fabric that Thatcher wouldn't even touch. This bunch of fascists are ripping into everything than glues society . They are hell bent on destroying society and going back to the old glorious of Victoriana. Thing is, the English voter will probably vote them back in.
  3. I absolutely don't believe that the present fascist government of the UK think they will lose the next election. With what Labour are offering the fascists know they are well in the game. And it has been proved there ate enough thicko to vote for them. Next year will be the coronation. They will pump that for all they can get. Red, white and blue everywhere. St. George's flags as far as this scepted Isle can see. Amazing how jingoism gets the Tory voter out. And they still have the fuel of Brexit to play on with the voting morons. Paradoxically Truss is a better weapon for Independence than Johnson was.
  4. They did indeed. But as it was a Euro finals, it will be regarded as a neutral venue and not an official home match. Or they've just fucked it up!
  5. 2 up. Well done. Pity they shat it to get to the World Cup.
  6. Yeah. It's like being given the right to vote as longvas you vote Tory.
  7. So good to see you running away with this league!
  8. Surely no one is surprised at all of this. It was always going to happen. The wall to wall coverage, the public grief, the processions. Not a bit surprised.
  9. That I do know, but is there an Edinburgh in India?
  10. Ironic that Edinburgh's KING'S XI fly the flag for Scotland.
  11. I believe people were quite surprised by the beauty of the country we live in.
  12. What? They haven't nipped in to The Horn for lunch?
  13. Duly stood on North Deeside Road and paid my respects.
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