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  1. Nice to get some positive news, after our horrible days since Sunday.
  2. At least he has 4 legs! Fancy loaning the donkey to us?
  3. Shows how bad he was, when we relese Brownlie and are left with no centre backs.
  4. A disgrace. Where is the fair play in the Scottish game? Disgusting.
  5. Apparently my suggestion of Kieran McKenna at Ipswich has come into Celtic's radar.
  6. Regards Doolan. Agree we need to him full backing. He done a fantastic job with McCall's squad. Next season, IMO, it will be very tough. If we can settle down for a few years and then rebuild, that's fine by me. Jacqui Low et al? Scumbags. Britton should be chased right down the Maryhill Road.
  7. Think we will probably survive, but won't be near Premiership for quite a while.
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