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  1. I think you overestimate the difference in quality between the bottom 6 in Div 2 and the top 6 in the LL.
  2. Come on, get your act together, that’s now 24 hours since you announced the signing of a BSC Glasgow player
  3. You will need to explain that one to us.
  4. You have to submit your accounts every year anyway as part of your club licensing, so I don’t think that will be an issue.
  5. That’s quite an accusation, I assume you have some facts to back it up?
  6. I have 3/4 times no more than that. I try to get around as many non league games as possible, so I may be misjudging him.
  7. I’m not sure they are throwing money around, I would be more concerned by the arrival of so many players from the manager’s previous club, I’m not sure you can always replicate the same environment at a new club.
  8. Not sure that will make a difference, Kelty have already won up there this season.
  9. The problem for Brechin is that going on tonight’s game I can’t see Kelty not scoring, and I can’t see Brechin scoring 2 more than them.
  10. I’ll probably be made to eat my words, but Bobby Barr should be offering more to that team, thought he was very poor tonight.
  11. I thought Brechin were lucky to escape only losing 2-1, Kelty looked like the much better team.
  12. It’s on Kelty TV, not sure how much it costs though.
  13. Kelty will take a bit of confidence from the BetFred cup win earlier on in the season, however I think it will go the wire in the second leg.
  14. I think Brechin will surprise a few, they really aren’t as bad as people are making out.
  15. You have just described a closed shop. They haven’t taken anyone in since 2009 as far as I am aware, despite Banks O Dee applying.
  16. Th HL who have been a closed shop for years with no feeder leagues?
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