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  1. Dry your eyes ffs
  2. Hurting much??? I don’t understand why you are so bothered to be honest.
  3. Fair enough, I know it was made known that Gerry B was on the group that came up with the paper, so just assumed he would have done so with the club’s backing.
  4. Genuine question, what are your thoughts on your club supporting the idea?
  5. I thought you would be behind the B teams given your chief exec was one of the authors of the innovation paper.
  6. There is already a thread for the hatefest on this subject, the guy started a a constructive thread, if you don’t agree fair enough, but surely their should be room for all opinions?
  7. So what is it you are trying to say?
  8. It seems that a side effect of hating the Old Firm is that people develop a sense of humour bypass.
  9. You know that you will watch it out of morbid curiosity secretly admiring the might of the Queens chosen few, and the Popes Eleven.
  10. The BSC express makes another Stop at Stenny, creative signing policy.
  11. Yes, and your point?? The SFA review all rules and decide which ones to pass, it’s that simple.
  12. Why wouldn’t it be subject to SFA approval, it’s a rule change!! If you are going to make accusations at least check the facts first.
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