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  1. Everyone seems to be assuming that it is a forgone conclusion that Brechin would lose the play off (If it goes ahead), but given last nights result it seems that there is a bit of fight left in them.
  2. He has been on nearly every forum trying to act the keyboard warrior, he will probably stop when he goes back to school after the holidays.
  3. Yes Stranraer really showed them, with that 88th minute equaliser 😀 This was a Brora team who had a handful of training sessions, and were playing only their second game since December.
  4. Saw that, but It’s definitely not happening for next season. I may regret that statement right enough 😀, but I believe what I have been told.
  5. I can’t comment on the particular circumstances of BSC, but in general I think that there is almost an old fashioned view that exists at the lower levels of Scottish football, where ground sharing is viewed with disdain. As already stated, I think it may be the way forward for some clubs.
  6. Everyone can relax......for at least another season, it’s dead for now and will not be put to clubs to vote on.
  7. Yeah, because the economics of Scottish football are in great shape and every club can afford to buy land and build their own ground. I would argue that ground sharing is actually the way forward for clubs, and should be looked at as a serious option to ensure their longevity.
  8. I’m not sure they can promote Jeanfield given that null and void has been declared.
  9. It will be interesting if the LL now relegate VoL to ensure they get back to 16 clubs for next season, which would of course cause an issue for the EoS!
  10. I would be amazed if that wasn’t the case for the majority of clubs.
  11. All you can say is that there is more than 50% probability that Vale would not have picked up enough points to survive, based on their performances to date.
  12. No rules were broken as far as I can see, unless I have missed it of course.
  13. I admire your defence of VoL but there is no evidence that they would have picked enough random points, based on their performances to that date.
  14. Given that VoL have accumulated a total of 8 pts over the 2 seasons then I would say it was as close to gospel as you can get.
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