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  1. Completely agree Bing. He actually reminds me a bit of Shane Duffy with poorer distribution. I used to be so worried at games with his decision making and passing ( to opponents ). To be fair to him I haven't seen him play since Norwich played Liverpool (about 2 years ago) and he was absolutely horrific, albeit against a fantastic Liverpool front three. For all the good that Steve Clarke has done I genuinely don't understand the trust he places in guys like Patterson, Burke and McBurnie, and probably Hanley.
  2. Spot on mate. Never drive a motor vehicle if you are mentally or physically impaired.
  3. Delighted to have received a phone call of support from Alex Salmond after he read the thread. edited to add in I would encourage brazen liar Stormzy (aka the boy who cried wolf) to read SMITH v ADVFN plc & Orcs [2008] in particular paragraphs 50-61 as I decide how to proceed with this.
  4. The thing is all I required in the first instance was an apology for defaming me and my online work on this community forum. Sadly that avenue is now closed. As of today I'll happily settle for an apology and a sleeve of 3 Titlist Pro-V1s. But the fines will ramp up as follows: After 28/2 An apology and a kettle. 31/3 An apology and a Hugo Boss polo shirt in blue. 30/4 An apology and a voucher for a 4 ball at Downfield 31/5 An apology and a static exercise machine. 30/6 An apology and a Daewoo Matiz ( 5 dr ) After this point no apology will be accepted. No siree.
  5. Except this didn't happen. The chain of events happened as follows: 1) You made one post opening up about mental problems you had when you were younger and I was one of the first to green dot it. This was a while ago. 2) I posted that your constant references about dogs is a bit weird and asked if was because you're drinking (as you admit) 10 beers every night. 3) You then edited my post to add in "and mental issue problems" to defame myself and copy/pasted it onto the depression forum for maximum impact! Perhaps you were too inebriated to remember? But I suspect not. 4) Then I received a 2 day suspension for "Spamming" the cycling thread for a singular post about a killer junction on a country road. 5) I then PM'd you straight after my 2 day suspension was lifted because I was really pissed off at what you did - see post 2. 6) You then selectively posted certain parts of our exchange consisting of 4 messages from myself and 3 from yourself.
  6. It's important that we take the website seriously.
  7. 2 day suspension for asking a poster if they stopped at the Stop sign on Long Dalmahoy Road. Bit harsh imo.
  8. Quite mad to think Willie Rennie has been leader for 10 years, has basically done nothing of note, and isn't under any pressure whatsoever.
  9. Any reason given as to why Ryan Jack didn't start last night? Because the Rangers midfield badly missed him.
  10. I'm disappointed at the rise of tarmac inequality we've suffered for the best part of a decade. Thats why I'm in favour of a fully funded NRS.
  11. I'm a road safety enthusiast, fella. I've held a full UK British isles driving licence for 16 years and it's as clean as the day I earned it.
  12. Not half as sad as I am. Absolute scumball behaviour from Stormzy. There's things you just don't do on here and he's more than crossed the line.
  13. That's my last comment on the issue. I'm limiting my posting to the golf thread.
  14. I'll be the latest in a long line of people to pop Stormzy on ignore. I guess his dreadful negative reputation should have been the warning. I shouldn't have given him the chance to reconcile and explain his actions. Lesson learned. Doctoring quotations to try and suggest I make fun of people with mental illness is disgraceful conduct, and so is copy/pasting select comments from a private chat instigated my myself to clear the air.
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