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  1. How did Dylan Patterson perform for you guys last season.
  2. Thank fcuk for that. I've actually moved on to this thread in a panic. Top player in what ever position we need him to play in. I also believe he has been carrying a slight injury all season so hopefully even better to come.
  3. 3000+ crowd for a meaningless game wow. Also well done morton fans hope you enjoyed your day.
  4. What a major f**k up that is. TOB and Ricky Little have been amazing as a defensive pair.
  5. McKenna was players player. TOB fans Player of the year
  6. Arbroath fans please just stop replying to this Fide bloke.
  7. Hasn't scored yet but has been brilliant. Had to be a bit clever as the refs are punishing him for being big but also letting 2 guys hang off him without giving a foul. Exciting to watch and seems well liked by the management, players and fans Good to here that he is doing well. He is a great guy off the park as well, he done lots of great stuff with the kids in Arbroath. ....... Good luck Livi for the rest of the season......
  8. How has Nouble settled in with you guys. What a great job he did for us at Arbroath. Although I was never sure how he would do when stepping up to the Premier.
  9. Using the train this weekend for the game. What's the best station to get off and best pubs for a few prematch pints TIA.
  10. TOB, Colin Hamilton,Chris Hamilton, M Mckenna and Ricky have all been picking up bookings quite regularly over the weeks. Any idea how close some of them may be to a suspension??
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