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  1. Interview with Bennett on finances and comms, holds hands up and says they are need to improve both. Already the pram-chuckers are labelling it a horrific car crash. Could do with that being printed somewhere big and easily legible.
  2. It’ll never be given, but then neither would the Alfie one despite them both technically being right. Maybe refereeing is a land of contrasts and interpretation.
  3. The one just prior to Alfie’s shirt pull, recklessly endangering opponent(s) with a push is a cautionable offence. Why you can’t twat someone into an advertising board either.
  4. The Napoli player should have been off for the push if we’re playing ‘what should have happened by the letters of the law’
  5. Can I just quote the last page and tell you to get it right up you
  6. Probably right. Sands exposed by Goldson playing higher up.
  7. Can’t give away those chances. Communication between the players about men on seems poor.
  8. Scummy not to return the ball. Lol that he got booked though.
  9. ‘That tifo wasnt displayed properly until it was fully unfurled’ is a weird dig.
  10. Skybet will give you 26p from a tenner bet on Napoli +2 if you’re looking to safely launder a small amount of money.
  11. The kits are an optional thing as well. if you want to increase your market, more choices makes sense, 1-0 tonight, nick it like Sporting, but with a 70th minute goal and 20 minutes of absolute hell.
  12. Doesn’t take much to be the latest ‘this is him here’ stuck on Guido’s blogs
  13. Risk is that the game is televised and you’re identifiable.
  14. I thought we’d established that those were Chelsea fans on holiday?
  15. The Times report that it would reduce the amount of police required by 90%, so maybe argue with them?
  16. At first I agreed with you, then realised it would rob us of a man in a giant boiler costume observing a minutes solemn silence and I can’t get on board
  17. More clubs will play GSTK than their fans want because owners are all Tories or Tory adjacent. There will be 5 statements across the weekend
  18. The Times reporting that the away fans ban at Ibrox reduces the number of police required by 90%, which is a frankly laughable figure. They must be praying for another Old Firm cup run to pay for Christmas
  19. Getting bent over for tickets is probably better than the stabbings
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