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  1. The guys that deliver my stock are an asset to the British economy, all the nights they put in,I could get the same stock but delivered in daylight from a legit source but the price would be threw the roof .
  2. I had only knew about it at as was working down there a lot and everyone u met was a old friend /best mates ,second cousin twice removed of John and had to let u knew about it ,and was shocked I hadn’t heard of him
  3. Don’t think John Haase was his cousin ,unless you aren’t talking about the Liverpool case ,think there a connection about a bribe allegedly,as at the time he made a comment about it wasn’t his fault that he has to vist his family on a Sunday or something bizzare like that . I may be mistaking as have been working all night but .
  4. The cost will be astronomical if he keeps that up (yeh sorry )
  5. Linkedin thread for this pish il check my diary and get back to you.
  6. Possibly but you would need to run it low every time ,which could put more stress on the fuel pump never mind containment’s could still get potentially threw or block the filter , as I said before maybe not a problem if ur leasing it and not caring , it’s something that could potentially save you some money in repairs for filling up ten litres or so earlier in a normal size car I would say it’s worth it .
  7. Is it only for a few min it happens ? If so normal ,the coolant is not cooling the engine as the car is off so the fan comes on .
  8. Yeh it will still go obviously, if anyone has seen the inside of some especially diesel tanks that are high mileage or old it’s not summit you would want sucked up (insert standard gif here etc ) even though the filter will get most of the dirt and water ,it may be different if you lease a car and don’t care but as I don’t and have two vans for work why wouldn’t you fill up slightly earlier to save that chance especially when 2019/2020 merc sprinter vans are still coming in at 30/35 k each,same as services and oil/filter changes, I’ve had vans that have said 20/21 k oil change but as it’s my own vans and need it for work il do it at half that and easily ran vans into space rocket territory. But I did describe it as a pet hate
  9. Haha a pet hate of mine ,letting it run low like that you get all the shite in the tank getting used, even worse as e10 is liable for more condensation there should now be more water in the petrol tank Aswell .
  10. it’s not to bad they did say when It was released they could be a drop in fuel mpg think it was something like 1% or something like that ,at that difference a service or blowing the tyres up could make that kinda difference, controversially I’ve always used super unleaded in the cars and vpower diesel in the vans but most people believe it’s snake oil and not worth the money.
  11. As already mentioned probably the temperature , you can more so notice it with diesel ,if it was dramatically down on mpg you could try a few tanks of super unleaded vpower or such but the momentum99 (Tesco) will problay be the cheapest of the lot (apart from Costco) and is still e5 .
  12. Why where you having to drive later on that night ?
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