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  1. must have caused some issues when you spent all of the holiday ignoring “er indoors “and looking at the “ageing and reasonably fit Spaniards “ round the pool.
  2. Kellie bright ,plays Linda Carter in eastenders just now
  3. Was on “gold “ last night as they are having some kind of 40th birthday month for only fools and horses ,seen it before but watched it again ,well worth a watch I think .
  4. He will be found hiding in his granny’s attic before the week is out .
  5. Prince Phillip would always take the back roads home after a lunchtime drink as “there’s less police about . “
  6. I believe it was his shoe size but he was attempting to put it on the wrong foot .
  7. He mostly was unless he was working later then usually a Half, not like my nephew with his saint clements or mineral water ,
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