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  1. a great character of a man and a great goalie one of the best R.I.P. Andy
  2. Just been announced Jim back as assistant manager ah thats grand pleased with that now
  3. would be great to see jim back thought he worked well with gavin previously and i think seems to get the most out of the players
  4. aye a thought he did pretty well when on loan to us seemed pretty solid so happy with that one just need another few signings and theyll probably be some loan signings
  5. never has been much push for ambition in the club i admire peterhead even though they've just reached league one they've had a bit of ambition and to me some of the players in the club dare i say just dont seem hungry enough maybe its due to when we started losing and going down the table and lacked confidence but still it seems to gone a bit stale so im hopeing to win the euromillions next week and il be the daddy o elgin city
  6. guess your right i suppose but then you get others giving the clubs fans a name because of a few idiots
  7. that might clear up the idiotic carry on from a small hospitality group at the game yesterday what a disgrace
  8. a seen that at half time and didnt have a clue what was going on with that hospitality bunch also an incident in when a young kelty fan and young elgin fan was exchanging words and came face to face and the stewards were watching it then eventually split them up after watching it unfold without stopping the young elgin fan storming past them to the kelty fan bit embarrasing and pointless
  9. fair result in the end both teams were a bit slow to start and hester should of scored just before the end of the first half then kelty had a chance from a header that hit the cross bar nothing much else that was exciting
  10. https://www.elgincity.net/news/latest-news/ukraine-crisis great gesture by the club and great price to go watch the game on saturday. i think steven is training for his charity run dont know if thats why hes been missing so far but great to see jim back
  11. good performance from us at times our passing was a bit out of sorts and hester missed a few chances were he probably should of been on target but all in all decent performance and got the 3 points
  12. if our poor form keeps going down hill and cowdenbeath get some momentum then i see it pretty dreaded for us and if were in the relegation playoff ( hopefully not) i can see us struggling against lower league or highland league opposition in the playoff id like to know myself why our forms took such a dip cause with the team we have i think we should be midtable hovering near playoff spot
  13. i thought he done alright with us i also thought county took him back to see if they could get him a higher level of team
  14. signs back for us im glad to see him again seemed a determined player when he got games with us
  15. evan towler has joined us on loan from aberdeen u18s hes a left sided defender hopefully gains some decent experience from us and helps us a wee bit but would love to see a goalscorer signed next
  16. oh thats grand then goad to see some progress that hes coming back
  17. expected that result and we really need hester back is he still injured or locked up haven't heard any updates on him at all
  18. forfar to win cant see us getting anything from the game but would like to be surprised
  19. game of 2 halfs first half we were comfortable but yet no real goal threats apart from the goal and that proves we need a striker and hester back 2nd half clydebank started to play the way i thought they would and done the right thing to pile the pressure on our defence and deserve the draw at times they could of easily won the game lets hope we can finish the game off on saturday d hopefully have someone that can score hopefully
  20. dont think it would be much of a shock if you won against us to be honest the way were playing just now but i think it'll be a tight game it could go either way one team might win convincingly or it'll be won by the one goal
  21. shane sutherland craig gunn zander clark was a great goalie while on loan with us from st johnstone theres probably a fair few more from the days in the highland league there was some crackers of players back then
  22. starting to worry but i'll wait and see until hesters back but as you said aswell cowdenbeath beat us earlier on but suppose theres still a chunk of the season left and surely we cant be in this dire position all season well i hope not
  23. if we keep going like this it will be worse its just a weird one how we cant seem to pick up any form maybe its the absence of kane hester lets hope it picks up soon or it'll start to get a bit worrying
  24. I see ross draper is in the line up for us today lets see how he goes hopefully well and im prediciting a boring draw or one goal to win it by either team god knows what way it'll go
  25. aye it was good fun for the young loons and bravery must go to the single lad that tried his single invasion think he got the better out come from the cops catching him was a good laugh
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