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  1. dont think it would be much of a shock if you won against us to be honest the way were playing just now but i think it'll be a tight game it could go either way one team might win convincingly or it'll be won by the one goal
  2. shane sutherland craig gunn zander clark was a great goalie while on loan with us from st johnstone theres probably a fair few more from the days in the highland league there was some crackers of players back then
  3. starting to worry but i'll wait and see until hesters back but as you said aswell cowdenbeath beat us earlier on but suppose theres still a chunk of the season left and surely we cant be in this dire position all season well i hope not
  4. if we keep going like this it will be worse its just a weird one how we cant seem to pick up any form maybe its the absence of kane hester lets hope it picks up soon or it'll start to get a bit worrying
  5. I see ross draper is in the line up for us today lets see how he goes hopefully well and im prediciting a boring draw or one goal to win it by either team god knows what way it'll go
  6. aye it was good fun for the young loons and bravery must go to the single lad that tried his single invasion think he got the better out come from the cops catching him was a good laugh
  7. dunno what you mean by highland league standard maybe could explain that i think we scored two good goals especially soapys goal and i thought some of the caley players would of been more stronger with the size of some of them but some still managed to fall down easily at times
  8. 9 or 10 of the players that played against us today was on the starting team sheet against hamilton a week ago so was it your reserve team against hamilton
  9. I thought our tackles were firm and fair and only a few of them a bit more but that was mainly 50/50 challenges i did think especially billy mckay was falling a bit to easy at times and im sure he got a yellow for it
  10. Thought our first 40 minutes was a good performance and had a couple good chances in second half but by then i think we just ran out of energy but after all still happy with the performance and glad we had a go at them from the start
  11. should be unless theres trouble like last time or if security say no but shouldnt be a problem unless police go over the top like last time online program for the game https://online.fliphtml5.com/lamol/ravi/#p=1
  12. i think they put the sale of paper tickets from the club due to peoples own concerns on passing details over online but i assume they'd prefer online tickets due to people coming and going inside the club building. Yes the social club bar will most probably be open as its open after the game aswell showing the scotland game
  13. clubs updated the ticket situation on the website says you can now buy paper tickets on matchday from 10am until midday https://www.elgincity.net/news/latest-news/information-for-saturdays-vs-ict
  14. not sure what the problem is with ordering tickets online or through the app all it needs is your email so you can login and your card number for purchasing the tickets or tickets then you can delete the fanbase account after its not much of a hassle unless your afraid of privacy non stop in your life or your some sort of spy fae russia
  15. Cant see any way of us winning this but hey ho you never know i'd be happy to get a goal from it
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