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  1. how much is the cash theyll be getting from them if the colt teams are put in the league there seems to be a big urgency to push them even though theres a clear get to f**k message from the majority of fans from championship downwards
  2. defo need a result against edinburgh as weve never really had a decent result against them this season id say there our bogey team so hopefully go all out against them and perform like we did in the queens park game just going for it
  3. wouldn't be a surprise if he did lose it due to the case ongoing and accusations that would be a bit of a bummer
  4. was thinking that aswell as a full time fire fighter it might be a hard task if he joined a full time team say in the championship as he'd probably have to relocate or travel time and training would be more days scheduled out of the week and take up more time out of the fire fighting were you could be needed at anytime
  5. been a few teams interested in him supposidly not sure if he'd make it in the championship though might be to big a step for him but looks like shanes been doing fine through there and as said before not sure what way that court case will go
  6. was a tough game but great performance by the whole team just need to keep it going in playoffs i think that performance shows we can progress against anyone in the playoffs and give it 110%
  7. aye a thought of that aswell and we'd probably get bet by them probably
  8. another hard one to call im sure some of the team will be tiring after tuesday and thursdays performances but theyve been 2 good performances from that games hopefully the momentum carrys on into this game but ive always found games with edinburgh probably our tighest games
  9. brora for me then its a trip a tad closer to elgin plus its another highland league team but then im pretty sure they'll go up leagues at some point and theres a few ex city players in their team
  10. another great win credit to the team for the win tonight after there great performance on tuesday aswell its going to be tough the next couple games with the games being so close and the playoff spots close aswell just keep it up lads and hopefully youll get that main goal at the end of it all 🤞🏻
  11. https://online.fliphtml5.com/lamol/vzpj/#p=1 online program for tonights game
  12. dont know how to call this one hopefully another performance the same as tuesday night straight from the start and get the 3 points needed
  13. i dont think weve got much as local rivals apart from peterhead, inverness caley thistle and ross county but caley and county arent really rivals as there in the top leagues so id probably say peterhead more as they came up from highland league with us ive always admired there ambition theyve been up a league from us now and again so hopefully meet them again in a higher league through the playoffs hopefully 🤞🏻
  14. thats not a problem just goes to show how hard some of the people work for smaller league clubs and their dedication towards them
  15. great to get a decent win once again the past weeks was a bit start and stop but credit to the team going for it from the start of the game tonight and hopefully they continue that style of form into the rest of the games left and get a playoff spot out of it
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