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  1. Quick question, how do I go about getting my e-ticket for the game when I have bought a season ticket (don’t have a physical copy of the season ticket)? Do I use my Membership ID or?
  2. Posted pretty much after most games with a picture of him during the game. Very strange to have deleted them all
  3. Anybody else seen Tomi’s Instagram recently? Appears to have deleted all his Ayr related posts…
  4. Hard game however last weeks win will have given us confidence. We have the ability to compete with anyone in this league, however Hearts are top for a reason...a few slip ups but on the whole seem to be breezing it a bit. Be interesting to see how we line up, we were very attacking against Alloa and tactically we were pretty spot on, totally different opposition this time round though. Looking forward to it, would take a point. 2-2, Smith and Wright scoring for us
  5. Will it be as comfortable an away win as our home win was against your lot? I really hope not
  6. Fairly confident about this one. Keep it tight like we did last week and with the introduction of Wright I hope we now have more of an all round attacking threat now. Really need to get back on track because so far this season it’s been pretty underwhelming to say the least. Confident we can turn it around though, the quality is there. 2-0 Ayr, Smith and McCowan to score. Mon Ayr!
  7. 0-2 Ayr, Smith and McCowan to score. Nothing spectacular and nothing to get us excited again but progression to the next round nonetheless..
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