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  1. Bryden is too young and raw, if Tomi is not fit we are struggling
  2. McKenzie and Moffat are the only other 2 strikers we have i think........
  3. we need Uncle Ian and Patrick Whistle to do us a big favour on tuesday night
  4. I have a good feeling about today, I expect at least a draw
  5. agree Ross Doohan was a good keeper but we have over the years had some other good keepers, Davie Stewart, Ally MacLean, Hughie Sproat, George Watson, Craig the legend Nelson, Henry Smith, Finbogasson.
  6. McAdams is a good keeper and he has made some good saves in the last 2 games. Defense looks more solid with Muirhead in there and McGinty is playing better too, big game on saturday, 3 points is a must and lets hope we get a good size crowd, i am coming through from Dunbar for the weekend and will be there.
  7. i might be able to persuade my dad to go up a bit earlier to Somerset, maybe get him to go to the Hub for a wee whisky before he does his commentary for the hospitals and the blind fans, hope he doesn't slur his words doing the commentary !!!!!!!



      That sounds a good idea to me! I think it will be extra busy as well because Scotland v France in the rugby kicks off at 2:15.

  8. thanks Frosty, he does because he enjoys it and he does not want any reward, he is quite happy getting in free of charge to home games
  9. I have known your dad Keith for about 40 years, I used to go up to the studio from 1970 to 1990 until i moved to work in Edinburgh. I have done a wee stint at the commentary and its not easy. I am going thru to Ayr this weekend so will be going up to the game with my dad, I will be behind the goals at SRE and on nth Terrace while he will be doing his usual commentary in the studio in the corner at Railway End
  10. same here i will be coming thru for the weekend at my mum and dad and going to game so will i be able to get in for a pint before the game at maybe 2.30pm?
  11. sorry lads a wee change of topic, the interview on club website with Michael Lamont in it he mentions my dad Willie Shields who has been doing the commentary of the home games to the hospitals in Ayr and to the blind supporters too who attend home games. My dad is 91 and has been doing this since 1955 from the studio above the gymnasium at the corner of the railway end. He first went to Somerset Park in 1936 as a 6 year old and you will never find a more loyal Ayr supporter than him. He maybe the oldest supporter still going to the home games.
  12. Bullen sounds like a decent shout as new manager...........like a lot of us on here I am quite excited at what he could do for us.
  13. am i right Ayr have never beaten St Mirren in the Scottish cup? I am sure Duncan C could tell us.
  14. by the way i saw the offer he made .........................someone i knew very well was a shareholder at the time
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