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  1. Dick needs to stop starting a weakened team and start the team we’d be generally finishing with cause it’s normally much better. moving forward I’d go gaston stewart tob little hammy balde/gold heatherington dow McKenna linn sean
  2. Honestly hope to never see olusanya again sick fed up of how poor he’s been. On par with corfe and that’s some going. Thought balde started well but when the team shape went to shit so did his performance as he had to do the job of 2 midfielders and think it got the better of him. derek fucking Gaston
  3. Yasin was absolutely knackered too thought he was lucky to still be on at that point of his brilliant run cause he’d been poor. they way the game panned out we needed ball carriers on the park. Surprised it took so long to bring Stewart and linn on. Dow played very well mind you.
  4. Good away support last night with plenty noise hope the wee boy/s learnt the lesson of pyros chucked out and then someone who’s not the boys dad I presume by the convo had with the steward had to leave with him unfair on him. Also no a fan of them chucking cups of juice onto the pitch yes it’s harmless but nearly hit the camera man. thought every player played well apart from Paul and olysana who were awful. Olysana has traits to be really useful pace trickery when he uses it correctly but his diving and lack of footballing brain massively lets him down. Need big Sean back asap but use hilly until he’s fit.
  5. Killjoy. Good to finally hear some noise in the ground. Personally doesn’t affect me standing in the seaside stand but that’s my choice if it bothers you that much don’t stand beside them. Or if they get there own area at one side of the enclosure perhaps club will surely be willing to keep them coming and keep everyone happy
  6. 5/11 games on a Friday night and one midweek trek to ict?
  7. Oakley been our best summer recruit by far. Fosu hasn’t been terrible but hasn’t great either so I’d say he’s been very meh 5/10 most week which will give us f**k all except an option from bench at most. Get out most of the summer recruits and replace them. id only keep Oakley. Allan is a good player but only good with a specific striker/ wingers so depending on the strikers/wingers incoming he’ll be worth while. But I’d imagine DC is looking for that striker as Allan is his main boy. Stewart being back makes a case for this too has he gets beyond. Shanks going on loan makes sense if he isn’t going to play regularly for us. Everyone id get rid of bar bitsindou he come in handy bar his injury issues.
  8. Queens absolutely miles ahead of us well beaten deserved to be more more should have had a penalty too. 2nd,3rd and 4th goal are embarrassing to concede hoti terrible free kick and shitbag tackle in the queens half is equally embarrassing. we are stinking this season
  9. Gill isn’t the problem many more serious than that. Yes he’s not Gaston but he wasn’t at fault I though for any tonight
  10. Look forward to the day out but not the game just the usual for this season. Might just stay in the pub
  11. Last season was clearly brilliant but the squad and tactics picked themselves pretty much yes we were lucky with suspensions, injuries and loan signing etc but players done the job every week. this season the management have made a monumental f**k up and it’s clear to see transfer policy in and out has been fucking awful. yes we've been very unlucky with suspensions and injuries but the squad depth and quality is awful.
  12. One where he picked up the ball dribbled forward and just needed to slide I think fosu in was so basic yet he passed it straight to the defender
  13. Watched the stream with a terrible stop start feed as was on the train. Though we were poor first half but bit unlucky to be going in one down at HT. agreed with the 2 subs as thought Allan and tait were poor and we needed more dog and fight about us. Fosu started really well but faded as half went on but he got us back in the game in so fair play. Jacobs fine ok but still doing daft things and being slack hampered us in attacks. like others have said had high hopes for tait but think I’m being moved about playing in the non existent right side midfield role has affected him and his confidence he’s definitely beat central with someone more experienced next to him. allan is a luxury player we simply can’t afford atm until we get the correct signing in. yes he plays nice through balls(when they come off) etc but his attitude and work rate at times is not what Arbroath is about or needs. Need to hang in there till January to get some players in hopefully and move some on.
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