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  1. Oh boy. Sympathies to travelling Ayr fans, that was as grim a championship performance as I've seen for years. Including us this season. Obviously a huge step forward for us. Hard to say exactly how huge as Ayr chucked it after half an hour.
  2. "Are the rumours true that Rylan is being lined up to be the next chairman? What will potential sponsors think of that?"
  3. Robertson - agreed. Petrie - would agree if it wasn't for his connection to the club. Hughes - take your point but nah, reckon he'd take it, where else is he going to go? Realistically the only premiership team I can see him with any chance of getting is Dundee. Only other championship manager on a shoogly peg is MacPherson and, no disrespect, we're a better prospect than Morton. Levin - hates us anyway so no chance. Last point - agreed, sadly.
  4. Mark Fotheringham's being suggested by the courier. Reading the article though it sounds like pure speculation as he's based over in Germany and out of work.
  5. That's a pity, enjoyed the HT switch. As long as you still have steak and black pudding pies on the go I can live with it though.
  6. Do you have segregation in place this season due to covid? The Killie game on TV seemed to be segregated but not sure if that was just due to large away support (not something we are likely to give you atm I'm afraid...)
  7. Quite right too. If the shoe was on the other foot I'd be well and truly planted in your frame of mind. Respect your honesty too. But despite all that, and the pitiful state of affairs we find ourselves in, you're still the wee team.
  8. Maybe the delaying tactic is all about increasing fan engagement. The 'will they, won't they' has us all on the edge of our seats in anticipation. Meanwhile they're already typing up the five year contract for Brian Rice.
  9. Good signing if it weren't for the existing abundance of defenders. Watson and Vytas look absolutely fine in a back four so weird one.
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