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  1. Absolutely zero effort went into either of those
  2. Yogi will be here in August and gone by Christmas.
  3. Apologies if this has been covered already but am I getting this right - Partick and Queen's Park will both have home play off matches mid week next week. Presumably then Partick get first choice to play Tuesday and QP will be playing the day after on an even more trashed pitch?
  4. Genuine question - who has managed in the championship in the last five years or so who you would be genuinely excited at us getting? Just looking at who managed in the league during AJ's last season for us and he is hardly the only duffer in there. Only Jim Goodwin and John Robertson are obvious upgrades imo. While recent appointments leave a lot to be desired this maybe just reflects what is in the budget of a middling championship club nowadays.
  5. I'm banking on Wullie wanting to do one over Ayr here and help his old pals in Fife out for old times sake, even if the season is over for Queens by Wednesday morning.
  6. From getting roundhoused by Gozie Ugwu to this in the space of twelve months would be quite something
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