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  1. Anyone know if legends are showing the World Cup games before and after tomorrow? Assume they will be.
  2. Congratulations to Falkirk on playing with such panache and flair that they managed to limit their loss to their closest rivals to a mere 1-0.
  3. Is anyone going tonight? I'm not, partly because it's a nonsense tournament I'm never that bothered about unless it's an interesting tie, but mostly because of the opposition. Probably don't need to go into detail on the second point as it's been discussed plenty. Interested to know other views. No one I have spoken to has said they will go so can see it being a three figure attendance.
  4. Yep, didn't get a good look at the second but don't think he can have any complaints. Two absolute horror goals for us to concede but credit to Allan.
  5. Poor result but good to come back from 2 down, even if the second pen was very fortunate. Fair play to Clyde, big improvement on the away tie which is a glimmer of hope for them. Kane R-H looked bright when he came on, if a bit raw. Edwards had an off day but he's been excellent so far so I'll allow it. Frustrating to have dropped four points at home to Clyde/Peterhead but we're still clear at the top and on to next week.
  6. No offence to Clyde, but going by the away fixture anything short of a comfortable win here is unacceptable. They really looked a level below everyone else I've seen us play in the league.
  7. Focussing on controlling possession and winning statistical battles was what relegated us last season...
  8. Would you suffer it for a year if it meant you were back in the championship next season?
  9. 9 clean sheets in 14 games is leave winning form. Any Falkirk fans complaining we aren't easy on the eye are just bitter.
  10. Good game. Good win. Impressed with Kelty. Think McPake has to take some credit for the half time change. Mochrie is a very classy player who seems to be getting better with every game.
  11. Donaldson was very good and covered up for Efe's deficiencies. We were woeful the whole season but Efe getting sent off in the playoff was the final nail in the very abject coffin. Never a dull moment with him though, definitely an entertainer. Good luck Morton.
  12. Really you want either a theoretically straight forward home tie or an interesting away one. So happy with that.
  13. Mahon looked very direct when he came on. Trying to get on the ball and carry it. Think he'll offer something different to what we already had but I don't think he's a natural striker.
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