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  1. I doubt Hamilton will go with Ivan always a possibility to leave Omeonga and Longridge are possible. The first has been injury prone and hasn’t had much impact this season and with him unlikely to sign on he could be one to cash in on. Longridge is probably 3rd choice LB and doesn’t offer the same options as Penrice. Goncalves has been a letdown, however he’s also offered more than Soto and Chuckwumenka did. With Anderson back he’s still got a chance of being a good backup. I do like the idea of another winger, if we play Nouble and Bahamboula from the start we definitely lack a wide attacking option from the bench
  2. The JD guy is a bit of a spam poster anyway, pretty sure he went through a phase of pretending to punt African commercial deals to the club
  3. You’d think the solution would be, if playing 3 at the back, to make Keo(?) sit near the defence, let Devlin go box to box and play Snodgrass off Shankland. Granted Neilson was unlucky in that he brought on Smith only for the red card to scrap that idea
  4. A good game yesterday overall. Hearts controlled the first half, with most of our chances coming from set plays. Second half we had a bit more influence, with Omeonga essentially manmarking Snodgrass out of the game. A great assist from Shinnie, and goal from Kelly. Between the penalty and Pittman chance we should have been out of sight, however killing teams off has been a problem this year. Obileye, Konovalov, Stephen Kelly, Shinnie and Montano were good, but it though Nouble and Sean Kelly fell out the game. Ginnelly’s goal was a cracker however Hearts seem like a team that plays with the hand break on. That midfield 3 with a back 3 puts a lot of pressure on individuals to create. Seeing Hearts fans leave after the penalty award was surreal as well. The referee was poor, he seemed to have no confidence in his own judgements whatsoever. The Cochrane tackle was an incredible decision, given it went to VAR Overall not a bad point, it keeps us in good form before the breaks. We probably should have won yesterday and drawn Tuesday
  5. My main gripe with VAR is the impact on the experience of fans in the stadium. While we struggled to update fans on Tuesday with no screen, for the same thing to happen at Tynecastle is a major worry. I don’t think a single Livi fan or player was appealing for a penalty there
  6. A very decent chance of being 7 to 10 points clear of relegation as well. Given the Kilmarnock game, in the middle of a run of tough fixtures, could have seen us dragged into the relegation battle, the 5 week break could have been a very depressing time
  7. To be fair Martindale does mention 80-100 games before he'll challenge here, however this was from before we spent money on Shamal. He has seemed very unfazed by the jump from League 2 to the Championship https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/local-sport/livingston-keeper-brian-schwake-set-27221375 Ivan seems better than Hamilton, however it makes sense to try and work with players who may stick around longer
  8. I doubt Schwake will be back, given Martindale is on record saying he wants him to have roughly 100 games at a decent level before moving up To be honest back-up keeper, like 3rd choice striker, is always going to be a problem area.You're basically looking for a player who is Premiership/Championship quality, happy to be a bench warmer with relatively little game-time and not ask for a big wage, who can also step in and perform immediately For what it's worth I didn't think Hamilton performed too badly, given he was up against the best team in the country. He could have cost a few goals, but got away with them.
  9. Goncalves done ok last night, given our formation was basically 5-4---------------1 by the time he came onto the pitch, however I understand fans' frustration when a sub brought on to be an out ball in a defensive situation doesn't sprint about. It's a lazy criticism, granted, however something you just need a player to put pressure on the ball to stop it being fired back. He's nowhere near as bad as Chukwumenka, or as headless in play as Soto. He's just a 3rd choice striker at a mid table Premiership side
  10. A very weird game - Livi looked very good for the first 30 minutes, Aberdeen bossed the last 60 It was clear from the first minute how much more aggressive Livi were, with Pittman playing closer to Anderson in a 4231 formation. Our set plays seem to cause a few issues, and McCrorie in particular struggled. Bahamboula was excellent, which took the pressure off Nouble to create, and Anderson links the play up front well. After about 30 minutes Barron, who played very well, started dropping deep to get the ball which caused major problems. It's a bit strange that Aberdeen play 3 at the back, yet nobody seems capable of switching the ball quickly Second half was all Aberdeen. Holt's earlier booking limited his influence, and the midfield was pretty non-existent. I'd disagree that the defence was a shambles - Obileye, Fitzwater and George were all fantastic. The subs for both teams didn't make much difference, although it's always funny to see a team end a match with 5 strikers, plus Matty Kennedy . One thing I would add is that Aberdeen didn't really create that many clear cut chances given the possession they had in our half, bar the Duk chance and Obileye clearance. Duk was good, however it's clear his reputation precedes him. There was a few fouls that Walsh ignored In terms of VAR, it caught the 3 missed penalties but it definitely needs sped up. A VAR referee taking 2-3 minutes to check something, only for a referee to take another 1-2 minutes is fairly tedious, especially in games where the play has moved on. I'd also agree that the announcer may benefit from telling us what's being looked at for who.
  11. Aye I wouldn't say either has been bad per se, just not as eye-catching as the other two. If I'm being cynical I'd say it would make the change from Fitzwater to Boyes/Cancar/Kelly a straight swap if and when Jack does go
  12. I'd agree that Fitzwater and Devlin have looked off it this season, especially when compared to Montano and Obileye. It's interesting that Obileye has kept his place at RCB, with Fitzwater now at LCB, however on form it's hard to see that changing
  13. Given Martindale openly questioned Hamilton for the first two goals I'd be surprised if this doesn't happen Montano again proving to be the difference. Longridge is a decent option but any time he has a prolonged run in the team his flaws show, I wouldn't be surprised if Penrice comes back onto the scene at the main backup LB
  14. I'd say either St Margaret Academy or any car park off Quarrywood Court would be better Both free and about a 5 minute walk
  15. I appreciate the points above, especially about teams that play within a more structured system coping better against better team, particularly ones with only a few threats. It's one of the reasons why Rangers are doing so poorly, as the Athletic article before our effectively covers. However Rangers only made three changes between the two games, so they didn't treated Aberdeen much differently
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