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  1. Hippolyte was the same. It was always pulling back opposition players after giving the ball away
  2. https://www.falkirkherald.co.uk/news/people/fire-appliances-speed-to-falkirk-fc-stadium-as-emergency-alarm-goes-off-3452381 More bad news from the stadium but as its not ours it's not something the club can be blamed for. Some of the comments though...
  3. Off sick today so giving this a view. Fifteen minutes and Colborn & Deans are infuriating. That first question though, wow amazing amount of research done
  4. When women say "can we go to x shop to look for y", why does this mean she has to look at every item in the shop? Today we went to the local Matalan for a hat and scarf for our son going pumpkin picking tomorrow, why the need to look at all the Xmas sh*te?
  5. She's helped our son write his Santa list tonight
  6. Had to talk her through setting a calendar reminder on her phone for tomorrow night to give her parents a lift as "I don't know how to do that". She's had the phone 2 years and this is her 3rd or 4th iPhone. Needless to say I've had to set a reminder on my own just in case Also - isn't capable of opening drawers to look for a charger because "I'd never put it there so why would I look there?"
  7. Mine does that in peak summer, consider yourself lucky
  8. Thanks to everybody for the replies. I spoke to his teacher this morning and she basically said it is a perfectly normal mistake mainly due to the 'learn through play' meaning they're not getting a 'flow' of writing but once they're writing more this kind of mistake happens less often. She said its something she'll keep an eye on especially if it's still happening in a year or two's time
  9. My son seems to struggle with some numbers and letters (2's as 5's, S's as 2's or back to front kind of thing). I noticed it during home schooling but put it down to him not fully concentrating. I don't know of its a brain function issue. He was off school ill on Friday and I asked him at one point to check how many minutes were left to go on the washing machine to which he told me it said 3nd. He's left handed but his mum and I are both right handed so I wonder if his brain is wired differently Has anybody else experienced this? I know the simple answer is to speak to the school but all we would get is they'll keep an eye on him. He's 6 and in P2
  10. See what Deans and Co have done here, got fans arguing among themselves about something about whose a real fan and who's not. He's said he couldn't go due to childcare issues. That doesn't make him a fan who made no effort to go today, he couldn't go due to looking after his own kids which I'd like to any of us would do in the same circumstances. FWIW "come here and say that" is universally recognised as a threat
  11. We might still reach the play offs but not the ones we want
  12. We moved out of Brockville nearly 20 years ago. Let it go
  13. Went along to the game last night. First time at Newtown Park in years, the previous game being Bo'ness v Buckie Thistle. Impressed with the new look of the ground as that stand was an eyesore. Thought Bo'ness deserved their win, the first goal was a great goal. Wick were no great shakes, perhaps two trips in 4 days caught up with them. Knew the red card coming as soon as the player picked up his first. Completely agree with the comments about the ref and Wick no 8 who was the best player on the pitch. How bad was Wick's keepers kicking in the first half?
  14. Mine is similar. I'll give her some information about things like needing the car at a certain time, booking a gas engineer or date and time I've booked her nail appointment with a friends wife. Two hours later she will check the information I've given her by asking "did you tell me about....?" Apparently I'm a sarky/crabbit b*stard when I say "yes and you'd remember this info if it was your maw or sister telling you"
  15. Quite fancy nipping along to the replay tomorrow night. Any idea how much to get in?
  16. I'm not on it but I believe there's a COYB Facebook page where they see no wrong and those who do see wrong are shouted down
  17. That 3rd strip looks like a training top with a sponsor stuck on it. It's better than the home and away tops but those are both horrific anyway so being better than those doesn't take much. Is there anything the club is good at?
  18. She was working today, I was off so I made dinner tonight while she showered. She went upstairs after dinner to dry her hair while I washed the dishes. I went upstairs half an hour later and she's lain on the bed reading some shite on FB with her hair still wet. Anybody else's missus think this is acceptable behaviour and when you point out they wouldn't like you taking the piss like that their reply is "you're f*ckin crabbit"?
  19. I'm in no way a fan of either club but you are fully aware it wasn't Raith's decision to start the game. That decision was made between the Match Commander and Referee
  20. Will it not have been served? Surely the forfeited game v Edinburgh will have been the game his suspension applied to?
  21. We were discussing when our five-year-old son can start getting more Piriton each time to help his hayfever. I point out we should be using the guide on the bottle that says 2-6 year old is 1x 2.5ml spoonful every 4-6 hours. She seems to think he can get 1 x 5ml spoonful every 4-6 hours because "he's closer to 6 than he is 5" I get these guides are just that and each kid is different (he's taller than the seven year old neighbour he plays with for a start) but how can a 5 year old be closer to 6 when they're still just 5?
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