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  1. She's been going on for weeks about booking fast track at Edinburgh Airport for our holiday. I've repeatedly said if she wants that she can book it. She tried to book it tonight using the ipad. The website froze after she put her card details in, cue mass moaning and asking me what to do next. Needless to say it took me a whole 90 seconds to get it sorted on my phone. Thank you received at all?
  2. I said similar with Latapy at St Johnstone. The play was down the opposite end and he's beaten a couple of defenders then taking his time over his next move. I'm screaming cut it back cut it back. He then smashes it in the roof of the net I think that was the game we won 3-0 or 3-1, Pedro scored and Kevin Cuthbert had to be stretchered off after a knee in the head from his own teammate
  3. Had a meeting via Teams yesterday to discuss productivity. Manager goes on about how the team productivity has dropped to "crisis level" while working from home and asks what distractions we have that's stopping us working productively. She's clearly not noticing - or choosing not to notice - one member of the team sat in her living room with Wimbledon on in the background and making no effort to hide it!
  4. That looks worse than I remember at the time. The Stranraer manager was complaining to the stand side assistant about the red card.
  5. Took in the friendly tonight. I know it was only a friendly and there's still 2 months of the transfer window to go but my god we are so toothless up top. There's really nothing there to work with. We have to keep the ball for ages to make an opening but we seem to need those doing the creating to be the players finishing off the chances we do create. Defensively we looked reasonably sound with only Darryl Duffy's chip looking the only way Stranraer were scoring. Being honest I wouldn't have minded seeing that go in as it might have woke some of our players up. Yeats/Yates the clear standout, hope he gets signed up. Tonight was the first time I've seen Jaime Wilson, how did Holt possibly consider him an upgrade on Keena and Dowds? He's probably worse than Taylor Morgan Can anybody confirm if the Stranraer player was given a straight red or was it two yellows? I only saw the red but I read an earlier comment about two yellows. Thought Mackie was lucky not to go too. Oh and the Stranraer manager and assistant are a pair of utter bellends.
  6. Sounds a plan. You're welcome to the final half hour of continual substitutions and I'll get the wee man away home to his kip. Thanks
  7. Anybody know if the friendly tomorrow is Patg? I fancy taking my 6 year old along as he's just starting to get into football, don't want to rock up and find I we can't get in without a ticket
  8. Could see that coming a mile away as soon as Ferry was announced as manager and the podcast as the club name. Only shock is it took so long to confirm.
  9. Most unions have a hardship fund where members can go to for money to cover the loss in wages while striking. It might not cover the full loss but those on strike are grown adults capable of making their own decisions, they know full well the implications money wise. The fact they are striking knowing the loss they are taking shows the strength of feeling among them all.
  10. I'd say that you do have a right to be annoyed but at the same time don't believe everything people post on social media.
  11. Anybody else's child still come through to your bed during the night? My son is 6 and he has been coming through beside his mum and I every night for the last fortnight, before that he was sleeping all night in his own bed for months
  12. If this is true then you'd think it must be the Imrie connection from Livingston and Cameron Blues has probably also put in a word
  13. She removed her work uniform from the washing machine around 8pm last night (i can't understand how the washing of the uniform couldnt be done this morning and hung out but that's her call as its her stuff) and put it in the washing basket which was then left at the bottom of the stairs "to go up later" and put over the airers. She will take washing from said airers, fold them into 3 different bundles (hers, mines and our son's) and leave the bundles on the bed in our spare room. Does anybody else's partner do stuff in stages? I think her mother probably does similar
  14. Tickets purchased this morning to see Kevin Bridges at The Hydro in September. Had a great night a few months back watching John Bishop, hoping Bridges is the same (I know he will be)
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