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  1. I'm not on it but I believe there's a COYB Facebook page where they see no wrong and those who do see wrong are shouted down
  2. That 3rd strip looks like a training top with a sponsor stuck on it. It's better than the home and away tops but those are both horrific anyway so being better than those doesn't take much. Is there anything the club is good at?
  3. She was working today, I was off so I made dinner tonight while she showered. She went upstairs after dinner to dry her hair while I washed the dishes. I went upstairs half an hour later and she's lain on the bed reading some shite on FB with her hair still wet. Anybody else's missus think this is acceptable behaviour and when you point out they wouldn't like you taking the piss like that their reply is "you're f*ckin crabbit"?
  4. I'm in no way a fan of either club but you are fully aware it wasn't Raith's decision to start the game. That decision was made between the Match Commander and Referee
  5. Will it not have been served? Surely the forfeited game v Edinburgh will have been the game his suspension applied to?
  6. We were discussing when our five-year-old son can start getting more Piriton each time to help his hayfever. I point out we should be using the guide on the bottle that says 2-6 year old is 1x 2.5ml spoonful every 4-6 hours. She seems to think he can get 1 x 5ml spoonful every 4-6 hours because "he's closer to 6 than he is 5" I get these guides are just that and each kid is different (he's taller than the seven year old neighbour he plays with for a start) but how can a 5 year old be closer to 6 when they're still just 5?
  7. Has been sat on the sofa, phone in hand for the last half hour. During that time she has said at least 5 times "I suppose I better go for my shower" Can't wait till tomorrow morning when she's rushing about getting ready for work and moaning about not having time for "a proper shower"
  8. I can relate. Also applies to friends and workmates when messaging via WhatsApp/Facebook/Instagram. When i ask who she asks what she should write when she's messaging me, it's "but that's different"
  9. To be fair, how can you get the wean at 3 if you're in a meeting until then?
  10. Our son has the start of a cold. Leaving the house this morning to take him to his football class, she realises we forgot tissues for him and runs back in the house to grab some because "his nose is running like a trooper" We genuinely argued over the right word the whole journey there because she's never heard the phrase "running like a river" She also hadn't heard the word nocturnal until the wee man was talking to her about nocturnal animals 6 weeks ago. She's 40
  11. That clip still doesn't get any easier to watch. To be pedantic you didn't relegate us
  12. I see Man Utd fans have got #NotAPennyMore trending. Time to join the bandwagon in relation to Falkirk FC?
  13. Wtf was tonight's show about? Not just the ending but the whole show tonight was just meh Very disappointed. Can't believe I binged the first 5 series for that
  14. I can't help think it's all deliberate
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