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  1. You'd get the disciplinary points wiped off. Hasn't he been sent off this season already?
  2. A number of ex Falkirk players on the squad who would raise their game against us. Tony Gallacher gifting the ball in the build up
  3. I've just seen the red card on sportscene, I know the camera was a good distance away but that looked very harsh
  4. "it dries quicker inside later if it has been hung outside" is my missus answer when I ask why she puts washing out in January
  5. Houston had status and exposure in Scottish football. The quality of the player he brought in wasn't always great as you so often stated.
  6. This line has been said numerous times over the last 10 years or so yet we still have over 2500 season ticket holders. With the new board in place now, next season will be their first full season in charge a good marketing slogan (remember the whole "our time", "my club" lines) I reckon we will see at least the same number of season ticket holders for next year
  7. Would prefer to go Junior than sign a rapist. And why should fans not complain?
  8. What she means is why haven't you been outside to check for me and scrape it so I can just jump in and drive away
  9. She was showing me an article earlier today about twins who were born either side of midnight meaning one has a 2021 birthdate and the other a 2022 birthdate. Because they have different birth dates she believed they couldn't be classed as twins
  10. I wouldn't expect any of the semi finalists to be running any marathons any time soon
  11. Agreed. Next set is crucial and needs to be won by Wade for this to be close to being a contest. Been a walk in the park for Smith so far
  12. I finished this about two weeks ago and found it an enjoyable read, probably due to Rankin's involvement. Started reading Strange Loyalties about a week ago and really struggling to get into it. Tempted to read something else and come back to this later
  13. Brilliant match, Wright stuck in there and got the job done. Get it right up you Rydz, that will teach you to be disrespectful towards an opponent. Hopefully Price beats Smith then Wade and there's no English player in the final
  14. Rydz has been brilliant and completely deserves his lead but the camera caught him joining the Scotland get battered shite, hopefully that comes back to bite him
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