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  1. James McPake is doing a really good job at Dunfermline this year, was a decent defender in his day so would get your defence sorted.
  2. Technology. I find I struggle with some technology now that 10 years ago I'd have thought was a scoosh. Also realising you've gone from being one of the youngest in your workplace to one of the oldest and you can't be bothered with the younger peoples chat but realising you were the same wee d*ck at the same age.
  3. A neighbour has recently started working as a private hire taxi driver. His taxi is parked in the shared car park and he's currently washing the wheels on a night when the temperatures are again to fall to -2/-3. What does he think is going to happen to the water left on the roadway? Same neighbour has 3 other cars - all his - parked in the car park. He's the only driver in his household
  4. Armstrong's an idiot, he has been a walking red card all game.
  5. Looking forward to Friday night and the restart of the Bundesliga, didn't realise how much I had missed it until the last few weeks as I can't be doing with the EPL. I'm sure there are games on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  6. Yesterday was my first game since the Edinburgh game in November. Thought we played well and were in control throughout, 4-0 was a fair score in my opinion albeit I nearly missed the first (walking downstairs in the KM7 strand taking my son to the toilet) and we left at 3-0 so missed the fourth. What a difference having an out and out right back makes I thought both red cards were reds at the time, Donaldson's looked high, late and reckless while the Clyde man's looked a bit like a stamp. Having viewed them on the highlights, I'd hope both clubs look to appeal them albeit there's little chance of both being upheld. I felt sorry for the ref yesterday who seemed to be having a decent game until the red for Donaldson and then seemed to be struggling to get the decision out his head. We have to be happy with our current form. As poor as Clyde were we can only beat what's in front of us.
  7. The latest Rebus book. Bit meh but I really really hope Rankin stops milking the Rebus name and puts him out to pasture.
  8. I dont know much about him though I know his name has been mentioned in here previously but would Ewan Henderson of Hearts be a like for like replacement for Alegria? Hearts have lost a few players to injury but they've just signed a striker and are intending to sign that young guy from Newcastle. Henderson is pretty far down their pecking order and you'd think they'd be willing to loan him out to a full time team, he's a decent scorer at this level and there's the McGlynn connection
  9. She's the only one who really drives our car. She came home from work on Friday and told me a warning light had come on to do with low pressure in the rear offside tyre. I checked it and it was a lot lower than the other three tyres. Stuck it into Kwik Fit this morning ( I know but they're the only garage open on a Sunday in Falkirk) to get the tyre repaired/replaced. Somehow its my driving that must have caused cracks in all 4 tyres meaning all need replaced
  10. Beauty and the Beast tonight at The Kings in Glasgow. Was ok but two major issues left me annoyed. Firstly the lack of legroom meaning I was sat at an angle all night, secondly when the performers are singing there needs to be something done about the volume of the backing music which seemed far too loud. Maybe I'm just an old fart but it wasn't a particularly enjoyable performance for me.
  11. Agreed. I'm sure the blinds being down in the cafe has been a thing dating back to at least Houstie being in charge time. It's obvious to anybody why it has to be that way, for somebody to come on here the night before the match and release the starting 11 is moron behaviour
  12. What good would changing manager again do? Is there any guarantee a new manager would fair any better? We badly need stability. Let's let the manager do his job. At the end of this season there's more players contracts expiring we wouldnt mind seeing leaving, lets let him have a full squad of his own players.
  13. No manager is going to win 100 per cent of their matches. Constantly changing managers doesn't make us attractive to work for to other managers. McGlynn is probably the best we're going to get in L1
  14. Please stop posting sensibly. Some fellow fans don't like sensible and prefer to massively overreact
  15. My 7 year old came home with a letter from school on Thursday to say a poem he had written in class had been selected for publishing in a childrens book being released at the end of January. We had to give permission for this first but how can you say no? Beyond proud of him, his mum and I have been telling everybody we know yet he couldn't care less
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