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  1. This is very interesting and confirms what we see every Saturday. We’re playing decent football.
  2. FYI and context. The shares being sold were ratified at an EGM nearly two years ago. The club had 1,000 pledges that would see the investment pretty much sorted in 18 months. The club were also anticipating a further £250k investment from the Rawlins that didn’t materialise. It may have escaped your attention the last couple of years have been somewhat “unusual”.
  3. If you are interested the best thing to do is watch the Falkirk Daft Podcast. The segment with the Directors is an hour long but explains everything wayyyy better than a snapshot on here. Also, the rivalry is such between us the chances of sensible dialogue are slim. Fair play to you, coming back with well thought out responses. If you’re not here on a wind up then most of will happily engage. I dare say even @Back Post Misses
  4. Let’s see what the shortfall is. I expect it to be no where near the full amount. The Falkirk fans will rally round and support fan ownership. It’s not lost on me the biggest hole in the investment plan is somewhere between £200k and £250k not being invested by the Rawlins. FWIW I can separate emotion & grievance from the facts and what’s important. It seems most of us here can. Thankfully.
  5. The board have a duty to the company and all shareholders. As already explained. As significant shareholders it’s right and proper MR and SA are involved. If there is any personal issues at large here (either way) I’m sure for the good of the club, they would be set aside. in reality, this isn’t a turnaround, it looks more like business being conducted in a professional and diligent manner.
  6. End of October is for pledges, so the growth is over eight months. Not one. You don’t have knowledge of the motives or decision making process here, so your opinion is essentially guesswork.
  7. @PedroMoutinho said a cynic might say that the FSS has been given an impossible task. It’s not and suggesting it could be read as talking down what we can achieve as supporters. IMHO.
  8. Sorry. They’re representing no individual party or group. They should be acting in the best interest of the company, acting independently for all shareholders. Any other suggestion, if there are no facts or evidence behind the concerns, are mistaken. If there is any doubt in this write to Gordon Wright and ask him. He’s the company secretary. It also just occurred to me the directors talked about this last night on Falkirk Daft.
  9. Legally the Directors have to act independently and focus on safeguarding the company. Your statements (they’re not even arguments) have to be based on evidence and fact. Not feelings.
  10. You do realise that directors have legal responsibilities that expressly state they have to act in the best interests of the company, irrespective of their external interests and influences. There are other and similarly defined rules and regulations around conduct. Your suggestion that the patrons are in some sort of control is essentially a direct criticism of all the directors? Have you seen or heard anything to back up this position?
  11. You have a narrow and selective perspective, ignoring what is inconvenient. Emphasising what suits your predisposed position and when challenged rely on (charitably) sarcasm to avoid the points being made. See above. You’re welcome on here @RC_Bairn and I looK forward to hearing your thoughts.
  12. All the Directors are also members of the FSS. Each group share the same vision and ultimate objective.
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