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  1. Good post @Springfield can’t disagree with anything you say. Here’s my thoughts and response to @PedroMoutinho initial post you replied to. We absolutely have to challenge the board and hold them accountable. But comment or challenge has to be made on facts, not made up quotes or misinterpretation of what was said. You claim you don’t have an agenda, yet when we were all singing Amarillo and enjoying being in a semi final you were posting that the board were making threats. Which is simply not true. The board were appointed to deliver fan ownership as close to a 33.3% split for three groups, major, medium and small shareholders with FSS falling into the small grouping. This is their remit. This is what the shareholders approved. If they want / need to change that they need to come back to the shareholders for approval. As for external investment I knew there was something in the public domain and after a lot of frustrating searches I eventually found this from October last year. 5 months ago. I think it’s pretty clear what they plan to do, which as statutory directors & elected representatives of the FSS, patrons and major shareholders they are legally obliged to do. The problem with this board is they have put so much information and detail about the club and how it’s run at times it can be difficult to piece it all together.
  2. That question wasn’t asked but the last time I was down there I saw no sign of it.
  3. John McGlynn explained at the AGM the reason they were back at the stadium. Players choice apparently.
  4. That level of dedication and devotion to a cause, against overwhelming evidence to the contrary, usually means it’s based on a grievance and very personal.
  5. I’m not sure berating somebody is the best way to get the argument across BPM. Everybody is entitled to an opinion and is free to express it here or anywhere else for that matter. I used the term havering or maybe blethering in an early post about @PedroMoutinho which is as far as I would go. But I understand your view and I’d guess frustration with PM’s input here. They clearly have an agenda that to the majority of us makes no sense whatsoever. I see PM put in quotations a statement that wasn’t made on the podcast to give a false and misleading impression of what the boards message was….then proceeds to try and take the moral high ground about communication. All sadly more than a little disingenuous and further evidence of the transparency around their motivation. My 50 odd years on the planet tell me that when somebody shows you who they are, believe them.
  6. Have you listened to the podcast? If you haven’t I recommend you do. Certainly before offering any other opinions Thank you @HopeStreetWalker
  7. No shooting down from me. You’re absolutely right. That’s the right approach and if people can’t afford it then it’s a no brainier.
  8. That was all discussed on the podcast. There was a concern expressed there might not be the appetite for fan ownership with the participation required. With part time or hybrid mentioned as the likely outcome if that proved to be the case. I assume you haven’t listened to it?
  9. I agree. 26% is important and the extra 5% could be delivered by purchase of shares from minority shareholders (admittedly not my favourite option), convincing people to leave the FSS their shares in their wills (I’m going to do that for my modest shareholding), proxy’s and maybe even convincing some of the major as well as smaller shareholders to gift them some or even all of their shares. After 4 or 5 years of an accelerated spiral down the pan we have the opportunity to make the clubs ours and achieve its potential. We have to take it.
  10. Bang on mate, except the cinnamon twist I’d go for the chocolate option, seriously though have to build the FSS and push us up the leagues, all while continuing to support the club in any way we can. How @PedroMoutinho viewed the call to arms for us all to pull together as owners of the club as some sort of threat makes no sense whatsoever.
  11. Threats? You’re havering, as per usual. I didn’t hear any threats, only a reality of our situation and a board not wanting to play fast and loose with the future of the club. Even on a night like this you want to advance your pathetic agenda.
  12. Can’t disagree with this at all, or the rest of your post I didn’t copy. BUT can I add something? When John McGlynn got his manager of the month award he made sure the backroom staff and players were included. Following John’s selfless example we should also acknowledge the FSS who are putting serious money into the club now, the other investors like the patrons who have invested around £300k in the last year, the six shareholders who put up nearly £150k in loans to keep us going this season and not forgetting the staff, directors and volunteers at the club. I believe it’s been a team effort and as a support we have all played a part in helping to transform the club. The AGM was a real eye opener for me and we need to give John and Paul (and the club as a whole) the tools they need to continue the great work they are doing.
  13. I was at the AGM. If they’d used Hearts in that slide I’d perhaps agree with you. But they didn’t. I’m sure the comparison was size of clubs like ours. So it was St.Mirren, Motherwell and Morton? Not sure if there was another. All of them had more than us and framed as “it’s only been a year”. It was also an FSS rep who talked us through that section. At the time I felt an awful lot was being squeezed into the time available and the slides were a bit rushed. My recollection is there was lots of support for the FSS throughout the presentations. You had your pop up stall and were canvassing for members for example. I can’t be sure but I think the FSS featured in every section in some way. All positively. There was also a reflection on a concern the appetite for fan ownership not being where the BoD thought it was and the added concern of the financial pressure on fans. Is that a narrative forming or a realisation of a potential reality? As a shareholder with a modest 300 shares I only saw people in FSS and the club wanting to bring success and trying their best.
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