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  1. Really helpful thanks, renewed with less bother than expected. Homesick vibes a good description of the video sentiment. I've seen these videos at loads of clubs but it's braw to see SP in this light. G brown...proper Rovers fan and adds gravitas. Also (for many including me) a complete tool who brings politics into a club promo. Not sure it adds sales but shouldn't be losing any. If you're that thin skinned you would be best trying away from football grounds.
  2. Absolutely delighted this didn't leak, buzzing when I saw 4 pages of posts and no disaster on the horizon. I've said a few time ITK is a cool place to be but a bolt from the blue like this is far more enjoyable. Already seeing the value if recruitment bring spread accross multiple people.
  3. Still believe our season was defined by Berra leaving so late. An increased offer to Bene would have maybe let us see the new Bene/Lang combo. Heard Lang was saying at the PotY a desire to play with Bene will take him to the Pars if they offer a deal. Confused fan logic has me thinking that's a decent pairing but not one that would give me the fear on derby day. The key post is that who we sign will define if this was a good decision. Could really do with Dundee sorting their manager out so we can have some certainty. Wonder if Bullen has plummeted after last night, that's if he was in the frame.
  4. It's encouraging that the consensus is we would like Murray to stay. If he doesn't I'm fairly relaxed as we have a much better set of skills in the boardroom looking at the new appointment. As someone mentioned we are also a more attractive proposition now. I hope this doesn't run on though. We don't need a first time manager and sorry to say we don't need Mickey in the hot seat. His CV doesn't support the heart ruling the head. If that's what do he would get my support though.
  5. Great days work, I wasnt 100% on SM but happily retract my misgivings. Tying down what we need before adding new quality seems to be the direction. Also I do love a reveal, a wee bit "who could it be..?" Well done those ITK for keeping quiet. Great stuff Rovers, off to watch their interviews on the train home.
  6. Insert predictable "take my money" gifs as that is stunning.
  7. I get the clutching at pearls re the tweet, it made me realise something pretty obvious. Not every tweet, post article, interview is for everyone. Annoys me to think pleasing me isn't the clubs sole purpose but I will get through it. Kind of tweet only possible at amateur level or when you have someone on the board grabbing the thistle. Maybe those EPL fanboys might now say "oh, Raith Rovers with the Dick extension tweet" instead of something else. If the players not bothered then hey ho. Would add the expertise of the newest addition to the back room team looks too good to be true. No messing about so far.
  8. This is pish, good club communication, visible in the community, official TV and local radio spreading positive messages. This can't go on, please make it stop. Next it will be an organised set of signings, progress with the promised plans then where will we be? Competent professional, progressive...get this in the bin. Where has the in fighting gone? everyone scrapping for their own bit of ITK kudos, stabbing each other in the back. I'm livid with this turn of events. I blame Falkirk.
  9. Thing with McGlynn is he needs players to understand and then have the capacity to execute his gameplan. When he doesn't it looks directionless and dominance of the ball does not matter when the cutting edge isn't there. His attention to detail is obsessive and I wondered at times if that holds him back. To be fair Rovers players absolutely loved him so I can't imagine he has lost the dressing room. Seen Falkirk half a dozen times and they look miles off the personal required. This is where the lack of plan B kills his teams. Rovers fans saw very, very few games where it was tactical changes and astute subs which won the game. When it works its great but when it doesn't....
  10. No mention of Young or Masson. Either the journalist has focused on "established" player's or there may be a story that's been missed.
  11. Spoke to Bene when he was down the town with Davo. He said pars offered 2 year deal Rovers 1. Money he described as "life changing" with a family to support. Not believing for a moment Pars are stupid enough to be paying 100k per year. More that it's maybe £1000--£2000 extra a month (pure guesswork) More concerned he is now their recruitment agent with any selection of 3 Rovers joining him. Sad that McDonald's leaving, want to keep Connolly but you can't judge departures till you know the signings. We've got a greater internal skillset now within the club than recent years so let's not panic.
  12. Finished the interview while on the train to the St Johnstone game. Actual investment you can see is a foundation up idea I like. A lot of non playing wages but I can't see how you have 1 part of the journey without the other. Also sense these guys will be more ruthless than we have seen which will ruffle feathers but might well be a missing factor. Well managed reveal and RaithTV showing the pros how it's done. Jamie McDonald leaving is sad stuff, beyond sentimentality he is easily worth a contract. Of the others I've heard leaving its all about who replaces them. I'm pretty meh about the outgoing rumours.
  13. Exactly the same, 25 mins in and heading for a pre match pint. Sim gets the respect he's due, strong base to the consortium and the club controlling the story with an excellent interview. I like what I hear.
  14. I wholly admire the time and dedication you are offering your character. Its like a real time window into De Niro's methodology. More please it's greatly entertaining for us all.
  15. Meh, no doubt he's a grafter but if we want to be a play off contender I would prefer we seek an upgrade.
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