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  1. Great to have your in depth analysis of squad dynamics on hand. Up till now I have been over reliant on the: man management, tactical experience, track record and pro license qualifications of John McGlynn.
  2. Absolute shambles: a thoughtless decision is made, they ponder the options and make it worse. The thinking will be "well you can now watch both games" Forget, finishing work, getting kids sorted (you know the next generation of supporters) travel time etc Moving the game to Wednesday solves the issue but that means a climb down. No way bigger clubs would be treated so poorly. Well done SPFL, I've lost interest, won't be travelling and won't be using PPV.
  3. Queens board having a total mare here, played like fools by a media junkie using them to poke the Scottish government with a stick. I would imagine they have invited him in ahead of fans by using the "boardroom" clause and he has booted them in the stanes. The first apology is insulting and the second is worse as it seeks to create a scenario where they were naive rather than complicit. Tier 4 no ballot, no carrying over of offers no attend, no exceptions. If their story was true then where were the other fans who found themselves in a similar situation, who did and did not get notification they couldn't/couldn't attend. The one thing that won't change is board rooms putting themselves first, we've seen ICT refusing Raith Rovers and Dundee permission to have an analyst film the game from a near empty stand, media access for away clubs to service their fans interest is restricted despite the empty stadiums yet the boardrooms are full.
  4. Interested to know why you are so definite in your advice. I have visited both at least annually for the last 20 years. To be fair always en route to (primarily) Torino or another Northern destination such as Genoa, Reggio Emilia or further down to Parma. I am wholly biased but Torino is a hugely underrated destination, its compact, and is rich in modernity and historical interest. Having said that Milan is far easier and cheaper to reach even if you travel via Bergamo. For that reason I would say base yourself in Milan with some time and a stay in Torino.
  5. Thanks for raising the High, I listened to them again recently but discovered on the back of your post they got back together. So will check their stuff out. Their first album is super gentile which amuses me given it was produced by the late Martin Hannett, I'm more in tune with his Dead Kennedys work. Manchester was definetly my time, was lucky enough to see all the bands many times including lots of gigs before their first albums; Stone Roses at the Venue Edinburgh, Glasgow Rooftops, spike Island, Ally Pally, Blackpool. Saw the Charlatans most as I was buying 60's Garage punk from a shop whose owner went on to manage the band. Pre first single they done a lot of "secret" gigs so managed to see them in Northwich, Warrington and London then after the first album travelled a bit with them in the uk and a trip to Paris. I agree the Inspiral carpets were possibly the best live band through their early work (traincrash, planecrash, Joe, dung4) pity for me is that both Inspiral Carpets and Charlatans first albums were softened so much their live energy was lost. The thread gave me a smile as the music has recently started coming back into my life; my daughter is obsessed with the Different Days album while one of my kids at my work who I'm teaching guitar has been learning Happy Mondays riffs. As a result I went into the loft to dig out concert tickets, back stage passes, programmes etc for them to see. Some great memories and a host of trips I have no recollection of whatsoever; World of Twist, Flowered up, The Cranberries supporting Liverpool band TOP, I recall seeing the La's twice yet I've got half a dozen tickets including a signed one. Cant imagine how my memory of those days could have been so compromised !!
  6. Having followed Torino for 30 plus years I would like to take offence but can find absolutely no grounds to disagree. The poorest mindset, intensity and character of any squad in the last decade. That includes last years set of escapologists. Absolutely soft centred, Cairo would be as well as cashing in on Belotti in January and getting out of the city with his gains.
  7. This is golden Scottish football thinking, the logic is magnificent. Youre not paying £14 to watch your team in the derby where going by the facebook advert you're getting; multiple cameras, in game replays, half time interview with an ex player and a chat board to help with any log in problems cos it's up £2. You will however pay £12 to watch 2 teams you dont support on a pixellot stream from the club who offered pars fans absolutely awful service when you visited. The highlights from that game induced motion sickness. To be fair to Alloa their service is now fine, basic but watchable, I paid (because my team wasnt playing) to watch their Hearts game, was it value for £12? Well it was no better than Elgin TV or the Blue Brazil TV output both of which are cheaper.
  8. So Pars fans were happy with £12 for the utter dug meat Alloa served them up and because it's been the price from the get go? Its fine that Morton are charging £14 for a 1 camera set up (they will be raising that to £16 for Hearts visit who knows maybe us 2 as well) They have greatly improved but they have streamed maybe 5 games one of which ended up on you tube as the whole thing went belly up. They off nothing even close to Raith TV or Pars TV and Hearts are fine at £18.50 as they are somehow "probably value" Rovers up the price by £2 for their first home game in umpteen weeks for a service that content wise has been universally praised and Pars fans go full "Gone with the Wind" melodrama. Who knows maybe they have reviewed the price after complaints from season pass holders, maybe they think the service should be priced at £14 after a bedding in period. I Like to think it is just to invoke the bed wetting from pars fans who wouldn't go without a coffee or a packet of revels to get the proper stream. Price needs set and left there if it's £14 then for the games I've watched it's a fair price. I've got 4 of us watching decent output hindered a bit by my utter gash broadband for £14. on Saturday. They are not new to this 6 maybe 7 years ago I was watching games while on holiday, maybe you get what you pay for. Wind your necks in give the service a chance and if Pars charge the same then so be it. I was down South and bought their Hearts game, all very decent wouldn't have a problem with £14. Pimping illegal streams, boycotts, "point of principle" pish is the type of hysterical nonsense from minters who smuggle pic n mix into the Odeon and shout at the folk on the tills when their cous cous goes up in price.
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