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  1. This is quite a step up from our last rounds. I just hope the 2nd leg is still live so we can get a good atmosphere for the home game. Fucking COYR!
  2. Good luck tonight guys. Do Scotland proud.
  3. Rangers fans talking about going to Munich getting a good draw then beating them back in Scotland like they are the only Club that did it!
  4. Couldn't get time off to go to the potential tie in Holland so I'm going to Riga. Getting my passport on the day of my flight out. Squeaky bum time doesn't even cover it!
  5. Would happily take Higdon, McKay or Boyd (although the latter seems unlikely now). We do need another striker but I still think full back is urgently needing addressed.
  6. Motherwell will seeing as they did qualify for the world cup because they finished 2nd in our league.
  7. Aberdeen Mad is hardly what you could call a credible source. New kit looks smashing and 8,000 season tickets sold does give a good vibe early doors. At the same time I've seen it all before and it could still go pear shaped but it doesnt look all that likely thankfully.
  8. Yeah because keeping 22 clean sheets is not good enough, he should concede more imo...
  9. Good signing for us. Hopefully a sign of things to come this summer!
  10. If we get an Irish team we'll get a chance to show how anti Irish we are despite having at least 5 Irish players in our 1st team squad (Celtic fans will be happy to know that I'm counting Northern Ireland as a part of Ireland here).
  11. I have not laughed so much in a long time. The Christmas Past sketches were top notch.
  12. We are at a worrying time for gambling problems all because of the rise of smartphones and the fact that there seems to be more bookies than there is people. A close friend of mine made £12k and lost it all a few days later all on his phone. If you can't buy alcohol when the shops shut why can you bet when the bookies shut? It's a very dangerous addiction and I've seen what it does first hand.
  13. I'm missing the Aberdeen game this weekend for the big march for independence in Edinburgh on Saturday. Should be a good one.
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