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  1. He was good for us as well. Just a section of our support took a complete dislike to him . Usually pick on one player a season weird bunch of fans at times
  2. I think he already had a 2 year deal I may be wrong. But if you go to airdrie fc and squad he's one of the 10 still there so it looks like he's signed up
  3. Got Smith, gal, gabby and salim if he gets fit. I'd rather money was well spent on other areas rather than up front. That 4 fully fit will be better or as good as any front line in this league
  4. If I could have picked only 4 players from last seasons squad to stay it would have been easton, mcabe, frizz and Smith for me. So to have 3 of the 4 at our club still is superb from the board imo.
  5. Spot on great post. Gabby can get a few goals and salim if fit could be a big player
  6. Spot on great post. Gabby can get a few goals and salim if fit could be a big player
  7. Personally don't think we will sign any strikers gal,gabby,Smith and salim if can get him fit gives us 4 already. Imo don't think you will get much better for this level than them 4.
  8. Also more counter attacking goals come from teams who don't leave people up the park but break properly from edge of the box.
  9. I never said you were the only one but as I said 99% of teams do it and that's including top teams all over Europe! It's the way the game is played. I watched a few interviews from top managers on why they do it and it makes perfect sense if done properly
  10. 99% of teams have 10 men in the box defending corners! Nothing to do with not trusting the defenders it's the way the modern game is played! Do you not watch many other games?
  11. Game we're you watching? Airdrie could have been 3 or 4 up at ht. Cove came at us second half but we were comfortable in defence never got cut open or created anything then scored a screamer! Also there number 3 should have been sent off!
  12. Great win today! Get it right round ye Kenny Miller!
  13. I really liked mcinroy but it doesn't seem he's to keen to join or he would have by now. We move on still enough quality in the team and hopefully with a few more additions in the coming weeks. I'd rather have quality over quantity and not rush into just getting guys in to make up the numbers like we have done in the past. Also I think teams are reluctant to let as many players out on loan due to covid issues incase there needed for cover etc
  14. 2 goals or 1 still deserved the 3 points. Looked like he got booked for kicking the ball away. Just the same as McLean done but never got booked. No big deal 3points clean sheet without playing well move onto the next game now
  15. And one got booked and the other didn't. Ref was poor all round
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