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  1. I don't like conspiracies but I can't decide if this is self harming or straight up sabotage. What an utter disgrace of a situation to find themselves in and this has nothing to do with being Celtic, its just shoddy practice.
  2. First caller to the SSB: ''Shoo,ShOo, ItS aN uTtEr ShAmBUlZ, Am BaFuLt!
  3. Well done the champs. A steady mature and professional performance today. A fantastic double, may the parties be plenty in Perth.
  4. Can feel the breath of the haters hyperventilate over their keyboards. yOuR nO ThU ReAaAaL RaNgErS! YoUsE dYeD NiEn YeAr AgO0o0o0o loLz ItZ Ur fIrSt TiTlE WeLl DoNe LolZ Today is the final nail in the coffin of the utterly insane idea that Aberdeen are any sort of rival to Rangers. Brilliant season, brilliant achievement and fun times all round. If the rumours of Gerarrd taking the trophy to Smith are to be believed then today is complete. Theres no coming off of this cloud.
  5. Absolutely outstanding patter from Motherwell. Looking after their fans and their wider community. Superb well done.
  6. Mmm, I remember it well. There was a decent amount of noise going on about bringing youth and copying the Ajax model etc. First time we fielded a team of kids and they went in at 0-0 at half time, they got slaughtered by the fans. Whole idea was scrapped. Fans don't help their own cause at times.
  7. Totes struggling to figure out which party is the winner of the 2021 national wankathon is.
  8. Took ma pen, f**k this pencil pish... Snipers fae aw parties oot the back wae their erasers
  9. True, getting our business done nice and early while Celtic are still walking about Parkheed with their thumbs in their mouths, looking in cupboards and asking if anybody fancies the manager's job.
  10. Was going to say, sounds like the first thing the SPL jobbers will do is throw bodies at him to deny him space.
  11. Just seen the Kent shuffle. It's the footballing equivalent of answering your phone with one hand while dealing with a frying pan in the other. so instead of reaching for the spatula you just flick the wrist and everything flips onto its other side perfectly. Leaving you to continue your conversation without missing the details. Fantastic.
  12. Absolute creamer from Morelos today. Made Broonaldo look like a fat amateur from a pub league. Just watching the game back as I'm just in from work but I heard on the radio Kent does an outrageous piece of skill.
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