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  1. 38 minutes ago, 19QOS19 said:

    Tbh it's as much about keeping upstairs cool as it is saving money. It's an older house so it stores the heat really well. If the heating is on upstairs for a long period of time it's absolutely roasting upstairs come bedtime. I like it to be cooler tbh.

    When we had an upstairs we were the same.  All the radiators were switched off.  Plenty heat from downstairs and who wants to sleep in a hot bedroom?

  2. 15 minutes ago, UsedToGoToCentralPark said:

    Wife has been told that windows open, heating on full blast won't be a thing ever again in our house.

    Anyone else experienced this bizarre behaviour?

    Nah.  Haven’t said f**k all to your wife.  Not sure why it’s bizarre talking to her though.

  3. 3 minutes ago, Salt n Vinegar said:

    Great stuff this.  I've just seen our Prime Minister proudly state on Sky news that the government are going to give financial help - "most of the money will go to the eight million most vulnerable households..."

    Why the f are there eight million vulnerable households in such a wealthy country? 

    Being pedantic being most vulnerable doesn't strictly mean you are vulnerable.  You could be at the bottom end of a scale that starts very high up.

    Of course you could turn it the other way and say if there are 8 million most vulnerable that could mean there are more than 8m vulnerable households which is probably closer to the truth in the current climate.

  4. 57 minutes ago, ICTChris said:

    I had assumed that people in these videos are running away so they don't get caught as a close contact and have severe isolation at home or in a Covid facility.  I don't know though.

    I guessed the same but seeing the panic made me link the two together and hence the question.

  5. 1 minute ago, 101 said:

    Why's that, is that the minimum efficiency?

    Most heating systems are designed using Delta T50 which basically means the flow temperature should be 50 degrees above the desired room temperature for maximum efficiency therefore in theory to heat the room to 20 degrees the most efficient temperature for the flow is 70 degrees.  Below that it may not heat the room if the radiators are exactly the size required to heat the room at Delta 50.

    In practice most radiators are usually oversized so you could probably get away with a bit lower.  A bit of trial and error is usually required unless you want to do all the measurements and maths.

  6. 8 minutes ago, Gordon EF said:

    Mostly, although there are some suppliers left who aren't also generators - Octopus, I think.

    Since, suppliers and generators are legally separated, a company could fairly easily wind up it's supply business and continue being a generator.

    God knows what would happen if literally every supplier went bust. I'd imagine the government would have to step in and buy at least one or two to keep the system going.

    They've already done that with Bulb

  7. 21 minutes ago, Granny Danger said:

    Energy costs in other European countries are not rising as fast as those in the U.K., I wonder why that is?

    I’ve had no indication that my electricity price is going up.

    There are two main reasons.  We're more reliant on Gas and we have very little storage capability therefore we have to buy it in the short term spot market.

    The other of course is we don't have a functioning government in place at the moment to take any action as other countries have done.

  8. 24 minutes ago, Halbeath Raith Rover said:

    Got electric central heating here ad not able to get gas. My Jan 2022 usage would result in a bill of £780 for the month under the new price cap. Give monthly readings so know the usage is accurate too. 

    We were both working from home and it was on all day a good few days but thats still eye watering.

    What would your bill be for a year?

  9. I had a look at the pots for the CL draw yesterday and unless I'm mistake there was only two French teams in it?  Once of the so called big 5 leagues in Europe only gets the same amount of teams into the CL as us.  We can't be doing that bad when you look at it from that point of view.

  10. 6 minutes ago, the jambo-rocker said:


    First half performance. It was the right team to start with and I thought he were playing well enough whilst being wary of their counter attacks. Could do with being more ruthless in front of goal(I'm looking at you Boyce FFS)



    Our crowd. 12th Man my fucking hoop. We just show up and expect the noise to come from somewhere?

    Grant. Wtf was he thinking doing that on a booking. Stay up and he's probably won the penalty 

    The abuse Sibbick got. He's not a centre back but calm doon.

    Police Scotland and the stewarding. No wonder Gordon got caught with a coin. If Scottish fans acted like Zurich fans did, we'd be clubbed to death.

    Our bench. We still need 3/4 signings if we want to perform in Europe.


    Zurich had our number without getting out of third gear. They managed us, almost like they had on strings

    For all our alleged atmosphere, our stadium can be very useful for away teams that keep singing also. Probably moreso if anything.


    Think you're wrong here.  Until the sending off Zurich were all over the place and looked a piss poor outfit.  Poor decision making in the final third is the only thing that kept them in the game.

  11. 1 minute ago, MONKMAN said:

    Police station is straight across the road from the Royal Mail. I’m assuming they’ve went and asked for bolt cutters, either way the police came out and cut the locks to let them in. 

    Are bolt cutters the kind of thing the police would have to hand?

  12. 1 hour ago, Forever_blueco said:

    We have been hearing this every single tie we have had in Europe for around the last year now 😂


    For the last wee while myself and my mates have all been saying thats them fucked looking at draws and results.  Like you say they keep pulling it out the bag.

    I didn’t see the second leg but based on the first where there was a fag paper between the teams it didn’t surprise me you qualified based on what happened in the Europa last season.

    Still think you’re fucked and the best you could possibly get is third though.  Liverpool and Ajax are a step up and even 2 points out of those 4 fixtures would be a result imo.  Even getting a win against Napoli is a stretch.

  13. 19 minutes ago, TONTROOPER said:

    Robbie N saying on Sportsound he thought Grant should have had a penalty instead of a booking.

    Aye right ye are Robbie.😉

    Knew the deluded c**t would come out with shite like that.

    Of the many decisions the ref got wrong he calls out the one that was undeniably correct 🤣

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