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  1. Some of the people I work with have always refused to put the heating on during the day since working from home due to Covid. Even before the current mess you'd see them on Teams calls sat in their house with a coat and hat on. They aren't doing anything for the stereotype as it was mostly people in Yorkshire.
  2. Was at a loose end so went down to this tonight. the only player on the park that looked to have any ability was the Uni 11. When he ran at the Cowden defence he caused chaos. Poor game. Uni passed it about OK but looked toothless. Cowdenbeath tried to hit lots of long balls that were mostly overhit, especially from the boy at the back with the big hair. He looked composed enough defensively but he isn’t a passer of the ball. When Cowdenbeath passed through the midfield they looked OK but bypassed the midfield far too much. Cowdenbeaths full backs looked a bombscare along with Uni’s keeper. That was one of the worst chuck it in your own net moments I’ve ever seen. Cowdenbeath probably shaded it but never worth 3-0.
  3. That’s no way to speak about your kids.
  4. I'll give you a clue. You seem to have ignored the status of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland and Ireland
  5. Didn’t some Yank missionary get twatted by a protected tribe in India a couple of years back. It’s illegal to visit their island because they’ve never had any contact with the outside world.
  6. Well that was straightforward. Don’t think he even played particularly well but the Argie simply had no answers.
  7. Once Andy dispatches this diddy I assume he gets a no-hoper in the second round?
  8. Shat it imo. Anything not preset and she’s going to be shown up for the idiot that she is.
  9. Hadn’t noticed that. None on the service box either.
  10. This hawkeye live thing they mentioned. Does that mean every call is checked and they don’t have to challenge?
  11. Not a great start. Loses his serve from 40-15 up
  12. Sounds like good brain exercise. Good luck on the first assessment.
  13. What’s the crack with this? Is it hide and seek for dugs?
  14. Why? It was clearly stated personal abuse would not be tolerated. It wasn’t stated that personal abuse is OK as long as you disagree with, or think the poster you’re abusing is a troll.
  15. They were warned about the personal abuse. They decided to carry on with it and the moderators banned them as they said they would. Nothing to second guess here.
  16. ^^^ I laughed at this probably far more than it warranted
  17. And it’s not even Sunday yet. This place will be like a morgue tomorrow night.
  18. Some effort from the Argies to win in NZ
  19. Anyone ever used the fast park at Edinburgh Airport? Is it as slick as it looks?
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