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  1. How would you propose SG fund this? It likely won’t be the last money they have to find as I think teachers are still up for striking? What is the practical answer?
  2. He just doesn’t have it any more. Too many unforced errors and a poor serve means he can’t cut it against half decent players. The third set today papered over the cracks. He should retire gracefully before he starts really embarassing himself.
  3. Bullshit. If this were the case you’d never hear anyone saying the wealthy should be taxed more, or the tax dodge loopholes should be closed etc. it’s the usual pie in the sky solution to all public spending questions.
  4. I never suggested it. It will be the predictable response to where should the money come from though. It also ignores the fact the additional money is coming from SG, not the councils. Maybe you should calm down to a frenzy before jumping in with both feet and making yourself look a bit silly.
  5. No doubt it will be something like… Bands F-H should be hammered to pay for it and higher rate tax should be increased.
  6. That’s a bigger mugging than the first set of Andy’s last match
  7. First bit of scoreboard pressure coming up for Beretini. Got out of his last service game far too easy. Murray needs to cut out the unforced errors
  8. Clinging onto serve in this set while the Italian is in cruise control.
  9. Both sets so far he’s folded when it got to the business end. Suspect he’s gubbed now.
  10. Good solid win by Norrie tonight. When did we last have 4 players in the 3rd round of an overseas slam?
  11. No need to be picky. He was clearly only trying to help... ...and failing spectacularly.
  12. What kind of tumble dryer uses 4-5kW of electricity per hour? Would normally be about half that or less if you have a heat pump dryer.
  13. There were some redundancies at my work last week. No-one in management has called them redundancies though. Various themes on "some people have exited the business due to a course correction we had to take".
  14. A few things here. How are the government supposed to figure out who is on a reasonable fixed rate deal in any reasonable timeframe? Where do they draw the line? Who determines that someone like yourself who (as it sounds) probably doesn't need any help but someone else who could be on the same deal does? Which deals would be reasonable and therefore people on them unworthy of help? Are they supposed to compare income against energy bills to make that determination? This sounds like means testing which is demeaning and wrong according to the masses even if it could be done in any decent timeframe.
  15. You probably need to do some revision on what the EU is.
  16. Murray had solved the problem in the second set tbh. The boy was clinging on for much of the first then an unbelievable streak allowed him to nick the set. The 3rd and 4th was desperate hitting from a guy that was outgunned leading to all the unforced errors. You could see him applauding Andy at times when he knew he’d been outclassed.
  17. It’s a rout. 10 games in a row. 11th will wrap it up.
  18. When you have as much money as he does it matters not a jot who is in charge. You’re unaffected. Very easy to let your heart rule when you aren’t impacted either by bring rich or abroad.
  19. No way I’m going to try and figure it out one way or the other but I’d suspect there are far more people earning less than £45k than those that were furloughed. A lot of people on low wages (call centre workers etc.) would have worked from home during Covid. Possibly not as black and white as it would appear to be although I suspect you’re probably correct.
  20. Septic looks like he’s starting to unravel now after playing out of his skin in the latter part of the first set.
  21. That was a clusterfuck of a point but Murray get’s the break to edge ahead in the second.
  22. Do Cowdenbeath still do highlights? I'd like to see the second goal again.
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