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  1. It depends on the country, if you were holidaying in Ireland you would have to pay the initial 60euros to see GP or 100 for A&E but everything else would be free with your EHIC. You get the same as the locals as an EC citizen and card holder...and that's what you'd be offered Agree with this. Broke my arm in Norway a few years back and showed my EHIC. They charged me around £20 for my treatment. Didn’t even pay it there and then as their machine wouldn’t accept any of my cards. They sent a bill to my house and I posted them a cheque.
  2. EHIC has zero bearing on the cost of travel insurance. If it did it would be a pre-requisite to getting an insurance policy, which it isn’t. I never said it was a couple of quid to the States. I said to Europe. I said it was very cheap to the States. I have a pre-existing condition and my last policy to Europe was around £10. My last to the USA around £20 and a worldwide annual policy 3 years ago was about £60 I think
  3. Travel outside Europe has no EHIC. Still very cheap for decent cover, even to America, the land of the wallet biopsy. i’m genuinely astounded that people are latching onto health insurance as a big loss. It costs a couple of quid for insurance travelling to Europe. Why on earth are people thinking that will suddenly skyrocket? i’m even more surprised people would travel to Europe relying on their EHIC for medical cover.
  4. I have to ask. If you have conditions so serious you can’t get insurance and travelled just on your EHIC how did you expect to get home if something did happen?
  5. Some people are quite happy to work from home. I work in a team of 11 and the only person that really wants to get back to the office is the team leader. He’s a clown that insisted on continuing to get on the tube every day to go into the central London office pre the March lockdown despite it being official company policy at the time to WFH. I don’t have external office space and have been in a pub once since March and function perfectly well. Your sweeping generalisations are totally off the mark. I know it’s not for everyone but very few people I know have a desperate yearning to traipse back into an office every day. I would add that most of my friends work in IT and have been using Skype and/or teams to work from home on a semi regular basis for years.
  6. I have no idea of the circumstances behind the Rovers postponement but as long as Rovers haven’t breached protocols as a club then it’s (correctly) a postponement. If Rovers have breached protocols then it should be a 0-3 loss according to the precedent. When Aberdeen players decided to go on the piss that wasn’t the clubs fault, so the game was postponed. Killie and St. Mirren not observing protocols during official club duties is an entirely different matter.
  7. if you're sliding you can't be lunging. Totally different from jumping into a tackle.
  8. Lots of people clearly have no idea of the laws here. The still image someone posted show he's got both feet off the ground so is therefore jumping into the tackle. He's also moving at pace. At that point you're deemed out of control. Law 12 states "A tackle or challenge that endangers the safety of an opponent or uses excessive force or brutality must be sanctioned as serious foul play. Any player who lunges at an opponent in challenging for the ball from the front, from the side or from behind using one or both legs, with excessive force or endangers the safety of an opponent is guilty of serious foul play". When you break someones leg you've clearly endangered their safety. Jumping into a tackle at pace is also excessive force. Getting the ball first matters not a single jot. I don't think he intended anything but it's a clear red card all day long. The referee has had a shocker. Hope the lad that got injured makes a speedy and full recovery.
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