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  1. They were a big deal when they were the only indicator of what was heading to hospitals. Now they aren’t and any sensible person should adjust their significance accordingly.
  2. OK mate. Let the unvaccinated starve. Did you ever think of running for office?
  3. He isn’t talking about international travel though is he?
  4. I’d expect it to happen a lot quicker than after the first wave as well. Looking at the graphs on travelling tabby and comparing the first wave to the second the upward trajectory is roughly comparable between the two. The down slope on the second wave is significantly steeper than the first. ETA ICU numbers look to be declining at a slightly slower rate than general admissions, reflecting the better treatment available. Neither of the above observations should be surprising.
  5. You do realise it’s the SNP that are imposing these restrictions in Scotland?
  6. Same for me. Not that I'm all that bothered, but there are dead pool points at stake here.
  7. It is and can. Chuckles visiting him and the length of time he’s staying in hospital makes me think there’s more to this than meets the eye. He’ll have all manner of private doctors and healthcare available at home so a precautionary rest (or whatever Buckingham Palace are saying) doesn’t add up to me.
  8. If the Belgians and French want to wipe out Coatbridge I think we should relax border controls for a bit so they can get the job done sooner.
  9. Still need arms for a bicycle. Unicycle is the way to go.
  10. We used to have a land border with them. The border is now in the Irish Sea.
  11. He's only embarrassed we didn't get in there first,
  12. Boris pledging to donate our excess vaccines to the developing world.
  13. How does she manage to still have that smug grin on her face when she's just been sacked. Uber c**t. how can you tell she's in an Uber?
  14. These groups are specifically called out as potentials so I'd expect them to be next tbh. "first responders, the military, those involved in the justice system, teachers, transport workers, and public servants essential to the pandemic response" At that point though I suspect it doesn't really matter how they want to carve it up. As long as jags are still going into arms at the same rate and we aren't causing delays trying to organise groups of people by occupation.
  15. Don't think that's been established yet. the document says "The next phase – further reduction in hospitalisation and targeted vaccination of those at high risk of exposure and/or those delivering key public services". That is to be driven by government policy rather than the JCVI. I take that as JCVI saying we don't actually care after 1-9 are done as it has very little clinical impact.
  16. Got a couple of mates in JCVI cat 6 that are getting jagged next week. Does that mean the over 65's are about done already or are they running them in parallel now?
  17. I thought kids under a certain age didn't have to socially distance? ETA. It says so in the article. Under 12 don't have to so how can not being able to socially distance be a valid reason?
  18. They'll all be going to Israel on "fact finding" missions while we're all sat at home.
  19. Did that not start off as 70% more, then it was rowed back to 50%, now it's just more infectious without a specific number. I have to admit I didn't look into any of the detail about how those numbers were calculated but it did seem like the initial headlines were way OTT.
  20. Thought the Tory came across very well. Reasonable, logical, pragmatic. I’ll await the incoming.
  21. Linda Bauld on Question time saying we don’t know if vaccines prevent transmissions and...but variants. She also brought in a buzzphrase I haven’t heard before “escape mutants”. Yes Linda, that’s what your birth was.
  22. America are also starting from an entirely different place to us. Ripped through them worse than us and lighter lockdowns with far less compliance
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