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  1. Hopefully Sturgeon administers a public boot to the pie for being full of shit and clearly having no real conviction in her batshit mental nonsense.
  2. So in the absence of a yes I have to assume you agree it’s a no then. Oxford may have compiled the stats but each individual country measures this in different ways. You can show anything you want with individual statistics. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re arriving at a fact.
  3. While I don’t disagree we’ve been dreadful this is simplistic. Are all these countries measuring death by Covid in the same way?
  4. I’d assume those threatening to not vote SNP won’t be lending their vote to the Greens then?
  5. by that same logic then surely no fans at the euros if people have to travel from around Scotland.
  6. Can space them as far apart for as long as you want as long as the pubs and stadiums are open.
  7. Pre-match pints and rums with my mates, followed by the match, followed by post match pints and rums while watching the late kick off game on Sky. followed by falling asleep on the sofa.
  8. I kind of get your point but the same problem arises for people close to the edges of each region. Wherever you draw the boundaries you’ll have people pushing them.
  9. Being reported there are 4 tests for UKG to move through each stage of easing restrictions. 1. Is the vaccine roll-out cracking on 2. Is the vaccine roll-out reducing hospitalisations/deaths in the vaccinated. sensible and data driven so far. Then we get back to the make it up as you go along stuff. 3. do infection rates risk putting pressure on the nhs I’ll sort of give them that one. Not enough people vaccinated and opening up too early means this could happen. Would be criminal incompetence by the government if it did happen and shouldn’t be a factor if there are no increases in hospitalisations. 4. But variants
  10. Would far rather someone knocked you out.
  11. Rumoured there will be indicative dates on the announcement tomorrow.
  12. Excuse me for not knowing the details of every poster but am I to gather here that the proponent of forced vaccinations works for the Lib Dems in Westminster? That’s some viewpoint for a supposedly liberal person to be holding
  13. Indoor or outdoor tennis? Do people actually play outdoor tennis in a Scottish winter?
  14. No-one of right mind should be compelled to undergo medical treatment. the preservation of life argument doesn’t wash for me. Women are allowed to choose to terminate a life with no medical reason at all. How can we say this section of society has the right to absolutely terminate life but this other section isn’t allowed to potentially risk life?
  15. Anti-vaxxers don’t want anyone to take a vaccine, for anything. Choosing not to take a specific vaccine doesn’t make you anti-vax.
  16. Did he really stand for election? Stunned he didn’t win if so.
  17. So if the Israeli data is correct that vaccination stops 89.4% of transmission is it as simple as saying that automatically reduces the R from 3 to 0.3 in a vaccinated population?
  18. Starving the unvaccinated will help with that. They’ll be just as dead but not caused by covid so good for the stats.
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