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  1. Was about to point out the same but as he asked Farrell to have a word I think that’s what made it harsh.
  2. Been thinking the same and it’s making me quite ill really.
  3. The Irish will be thinking they’re a decent team again but tbh Italy really are dreadful.
  4. Think you need to calm down. You’re miles clear at the top of the league I know Jambos that wanted Neilson emptied when they were miles clear in the championship a few years back. How can you fire a manager who has a team in that position?
  5. How would she even be offered the AZ vaccine if it hasn't been approved for her age group ? You’d think she wouldn’t but it didn’t stop her coming out and saying she’d refuse it. Totally pointless statement that will do nothing to help Germany’s roll-out. That makes her a twat.
  6. She may be a twat but following the medical advice in her country isn’t one of the reasons. Rightly or wrongly that is their position.
  7. JVT putting teachers firmly in their box there. Lots of professions with significantly higher death rates. Interesting that a few of them were hospitality related.
  8. I don't know much about the relative merits of European teams so can someone say if the draw for the Ukranian teams looking potentially good for Scotlands co-efficient or would we expect them to likely be overtaking us?
  9. One final point on this. I'd agree that the bounds of what is an NHS worker seem to have been overstepped/blurred with the above. If that's the biggest mistake we make in the vaccination programme then I can happily live with that.
  10. Happened upon another example. Rangers also beat Valetta 10-0 on aggregate in 1990. May be others but the first two examples are ones that I remembered.
  11. Which would be valid if the vulnerable hadn't been protected. They will have by the time we'd have thought about prioritising occupations so to me the point is moot. I have sympathy for them but as soon as you make something multi-agency, which it would have to be as the NHS won't have accurate records of anyone's profession, you introduce beurocracy and slow the whole process down. Also where do you draw the line? Is it front-line police, support staff, office staff? The fact you're talking about the moaning about types of NHS staff backs up the point it will just give another group of people cause to moan. JCVI directions so far have worked and NHS have done a great job with the programme. Probably better than anyones wildest dreams. Let them get on with it without putting obstacles in their way
  12. I get their point. They may be more at risk of catching the virus but they're not more at risk of getting ill from it. Once the vulnerable are done the next target is surely herd immunity and for that we need to keep up and increase the volume (if we can). Prioritising any specific occupation will slow that down as it will be more data for the NHS to cross-reference.
  13. Didn't Rangers years ago score a truckload against some Cypriot team? Seem to recall Chris Woods missing a penalty at about 9-0, back in the early days of the Murray era. I think Aberdeen once got double figures in the year the won the cup winners cup. ETA Aberdeen beat Sion 11-1 on aggregate in '82 Rangers beat Valetta 18-0 on aggregate in '83
  14. Seems sensible. Anything that slows down getting jags in arms should be avoided and prioritising certain occupations would likely do that for very little to no real health benefit if 99% of the most vulnerable have already been prioritised.
  15. Horizon on BBC2 has someone on from Edinburgh Uni that isn’t predicting the end of the world. She’s getting sacked in the morning.
  16. FFS. However no mens part time football is playing, no idea where the BBC got that from. Alloa and Arbroath. ETA Raith might have some part-timers as well. Sure they did last season. They might have ditched that now though.
  17. Just read the email from Scottish Rugby. Toony said “It remains our position that we want to have all our eligible players available to us for that fixture, so we can compete to the level we would have done this weekend”. Can’t wait to see how this one plays out.
  18. Rumours that it could be rearranged for Saturday 3rd July, which is the date of the first Lions test. When the only guarantee is that France won’t be missing any players. Sounds extremely sensible
  19. Just checked the playing conditions. They explicitly state of you're using LED wickets then the wicket is deemed down in the first frame the lights are illuminated. Looks like one of the decisions may not have been so iffy.
  20. All in all a bit of a farce. Home teams will always prepare pitches that help their bowlers but that's taking it way too far. Full expect nothing to happen about it though.
  21. Not for LBW. For LBW the third umpire essentially re-umpires the decision with the aid of technology. The third umpire has to decide with a high degree of confidence that the ball hit the pad first. He clearly couldn't do that in this instance.
  22. Once you get down from that high horse you seem to be permanently mounted on and can see your computer screen again properly try reading what I wrote. "FROM AN NHS PERSEPCTIVE".
  23. Be surprised if you ever have to stop self isolating if you test positive. Once it gets to a low enough level there's no reason there can't be reasonable financial compensation for doing so in stead of the half arsed scheme there is now.
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