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  1. Playing devils advocate but technically speaking a lot of people already do (proof of age). Doesn't mean I'm in favour of a domestic vaccination passport or app.
  2. The Cambridge Analytica thing kind of let the cat out of the bag in terms of giving real life context to age old and easy to dismiss "THEY WANT TO SPY ON US" conspiracies. Smart phones already do a decent job, but we are talking about being told you HAVE to carry something. Not on IMO. That's a different thing and far worse in my opinion as that data was being used to effectively manipulate us which took it to a whole new level.
  3. I'm not pro them as I failed to see what they realistically achieved in a positive sense for an ordinary citizen but some of the objections seemed a bit hysterical to me.
  4. Wasn't one of the big objections to the national ID card that the government/police wanted to be able to use it to track locations of suspected/known criminals to aid in apprehension? While on the face of it that may seem a reasonable thing but there were plenty other areas for scope creep. It absolutely would not be implemented in a manner you describe above.
  5. A lot of people object to national ID cards as they think the government are spying on them (or various other bits of hysterical nonsense) by forcing you to carry one. I can only imagine the reaction to this if it was proposed.
  6. You couldn’t make it up. He must be the most chilled guy on the planet. Nae bother lads, I’ll sod off in the morning ‘cos I’m a bit tired at the moment. i’d assume he got 90% of his money back. ETA gunboats won't help here. Anti-aircraft batteries in Dumfries and Galloway should do the trick.
  7. Read this and couldn’t stop laughing. The guy was on the news yesterday and seemed 100% happy to hotel quarantine (i wonder how many people they interviewed to find someone so positive) and he doesn’t actually have to. So is Sturgeon going to ask Ireland the same thing she’s asked of the UK or basically unilaterally remove the CTA?
  8. No idea if the rna technology could help the flu vaccine but seeing as society has already accepted the risk of the current flu vaccines efficacy not being great I could imagine a reluctance to pay for rna vaccines for flu every year.
  9. Society are not being told to isolate, they’re being told to minimise contact. You have no clue what you’re talking about so I’ll refrain from engaging with you any further.
  10. Are you honestly trying to say that footballers 24/7 are to isolate themselves from society? They can’t even go to the local supermarket for their shopping? Do you really think that’s what the bubble is? Thankfully no authorities, football or governmental, agree with you.
  11. Sigh. footballer goes to work and therefore enters the bubble. Footballer finishes work and leaves the bubble to go home to his family as everyone does after work. They are not in the bubble 24/7 (other than when they are travelling with their club and staying in a hotel). Him then deciding to go to the pub or a party when outside the bubble is nothing to do with the clubs covid procedures. It’s the act of an individual.
  12. I look forward to seeing a working government app... ...in a few years.
  13. Of course not a single non-footballer has flaunted guidelines or broken a law. Before hanging footballers out to dry maybe wider society should be having a good look at itself.
  14. No-one said it did allow them to attend house parties. You seem to have no clue what the bubble actually is. The “bubble” is related to the footballing environment. Things like hotel stays, who is allowed in the stadium etc. It’s completely unrelated to players finishing a game, leaving the bubble (by going home) then deciding to ignore public health guidance or law.
  15. Lower league football was shut down because the players (mostly) couldn’t be tested as the clubs couldn’t afford it. I believe the Championship was allowed to continue only if they introduced testing. It was deemed without testing it was too risky with the new (more transmissable) strains being discovered and therefore the lower leagues couldn’t comply with the new protocols i.e. testing for all). The top two leagues could and were therefore allowed to carry on.
  16. Not in the slightest. The bans were for bringing the game into disrepute so a perfectly reasonable response to breaking the public health guidance as it was at the time.
  17. They have to control their players behaviour when in the football environment by implementing and following the agreed protocols. Their responsibility ends there and those are the restrictions Sturgeon was talking about. When not at work these employees should be following the law of the land.
  18. So punish the law breakers. If they’re attending parties outside of football (as has been alleged) what on earth has that got to do with football?
  19. Why would that be? It was reported today that football is far from being shut down. Even if it was English football would still be available to watch and there’s far more of that on TV than Scottish football.
  20. So shutting football down will stop footballers (or any other profession) from breaking the law and potentially causing transmission? you really haven’t thought this through have you?
  21. Not by the FM according to the news. No chance of football being shut down any time soon.
  22. I preferred the guy that wanted his kids to quarantine at their boarding school.
  23. Why should she close football down? If someone breaks the rules that works in a different non-essential industry do we close them down?
  24. Doesn’t the third umpire just relay what the technology is telling him in lbw shouts? He’s not actually making a decision as such. Root looked out to me. Has to be remembered that the technology isn’t 100% accurate and very occasionally will be wrong although there’s of course no definitive way to prove it.
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