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  1. the way the system worked last time seemed to be look at all the indicators for an area and pick the worst one to base the level on.
  2. Some pair. We're basing a pandemic response on the advice of a dentist who's getting his info from god and a doctor of philosophy who believes in making your own sunshine. It's actually quite frightening.
  3. Maximum suppression is the latest spin I believe
  4. This is a shocker. Basing it on WHO guidance from before vaccines were approved. “Content of restrictions” really means they reserve the right to ignore data and arbitrarily punt areas into levels for amusement as they did before.
  5. I see you’re a Dunfermline fan but not everything is as black and white as you seem to believe.
  6. It was in the news weeks ago when the WHO team were in China investigating the outbreak. I didn’t have to furiously google anything. I also didn’t say I believed it.
  7. According to the Chinese and the WHO it does, https://www.npr.org/sections/goatsandsoda/2021/02/12/966306301/can-frozen-food-spread-the-coronavirus?t=1614635193505
  8. If he’s going to put himself out there as a spokesman he should either know his facts and figures, or fess up that he doesn’t. Bullshitters always get outed in the end. I’ve got zero sympathy for him not knowing what he’s on about. Maybe he should have deferred the question to the guys.
  9. Is it that you don’t have enough space at home for a proper desk/chair or you just din’t have the desk chair? They’re still responsible for your working environment at home if they’ve asked you to WFH. my company gave us allowances to buy stuff and my wife’s shipped monitors/chairs etc. out to her from the office. Haven’t spoken to anyone whose company hasn’t done something to fix wfh environments once they all realised this wasn’t a 3 week lockdown. preferred my company’s approach tbh. As I was well set up office wise already I spent all my allowance money on a 49” widescreen monitor for gaming. Better than spending it on anything work related.
  10. To coin a phrase, both clownshoes and sunshine girl have had recent instances of backtracking furiously. Hopefully this is the start of them both being hounded by media and opposition while the SG start pushing them away.
  11. This looks to be some crazy abuse of the furlough scheme. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-56213042
  12. Exactly this. Property funds have been in the doldrums for a few years. There was even a period last year when some funds essential "closed" to stem the outflows from them. Not the first time that's happened in the recent past. Any fund manager worth his/her salt will be very underweight in them.
  13. Don't think that's true. Employers have pension schemes that are typically run for them by pension companies. The employer has no direct say in how the money is invested in the scheme. It's normal that the employee can choose various options as to how they want their money invested within the scheme (risk appetite, ethics etc) but the employer has no direct say. they govern the scheme to ensure the pension company aren't robbing the money but that's different from determining what it's invested in.
  14. Doesn't make you management. I attend meetings all day and have not a single person reporting to me.
  15. Canary wharf was a total white elephant for the first few years of it's existence. Could be going back to that.
  16. People that work in the financial districts in London don't go for coffees at lunchtime. Pints of lager more likely.
  17. Some people may have been to or seen everything they want to experience in the UK. I travel the UK a lot but mainly for events like gigs or sport. Can't remember the last time I went anywhere in the UK just for the sake of going to see that place. I'm sure there are some great places in the UK I haven't seen but there are none on my list of places I want to go to. European cities is a different matter. Still plenty of them I want to get to.
  18. Seeing as there's a reasonable chance holidays abroad could be a pain this summer that's us started sorting out things to do in the UK. Already had tickets to an open air gig booked for July and we've now bought some T20 tickets for the end of June. If things settle down we might look to go abroad in the Autumn.
  19. Information is out there in the public domain for those that seek it. “While the updated Scottish Government guidance permits the continuation of professional sport” https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/news/scottish-fa-board-confirms-three-week-suspension-of-professional-football-beneath-spfl-championship/?rid=14258 The SFA board suspended the season.
  20. Wasn’t the governments decision to stop the lower leagues.
  21. Please show some evidence for this claim they have been sacrificed.
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