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  1. it's exactly this. they want to ensure games are played at venues where fans are allowed so they can bring in more revenue.
  2. Totally different scenario. Hearts and Partick were trying to circumvent the documented rules, hence they were laughed out of the room.
  3. I'm sure Brechin's lawyers would argue otherwise if it came to that.
  4. So where is a club "failing to comply with membership criteria" that makes that rule remotely relevant to the HL (or LL) not finishing their season? I'll give you a clue. they aren't so that rule doesn't apply to this situation I don't see how the HL can finish their season unless they're given a green light pretty much immediately. I also don't see how they can declare a champion after 3 games. The only logical result would therefore be null and void. The playoff rules explicitly name champions, not candidates (iii a). There is also no provision in the rules to automatically allow the LL champions to play-off against team 42. You could say that's the fault of the SPFL (or SFA) but in fairness a situation where one league would finish and the other wouldn't was probably never envisaged when the rules were drafted. I can't see any way within the rules (as they currently stand) that the trapdoor playoffs can take place unless some way is found to allow the HL and LL to finish some kind of a season.
  5. I'd guessed you were referring to that but it says nothing like what you implied. the important bit of this rule is in bold which you've conveniently ignored.
  6. Vaccines to fight variants can officially be fast-tracked in the same way the flu jag is. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-56274293
  7. I’m guessing the French and German stockpiles came in handy after all.
  8. Are India not already producing/administering huge amounts of AZ? Sure I’ve seen reports of them opening things up in the last couple of weeks. They had supporters in the ground certainly for the last test match and I think the one before that as well.
  9. Fraserburgh might not be too happy with that along with the other 3 teams that have a 100% record. It does sound like the very definition of sporting integrity right enough.
  10. You don’t have to unfurlough all your staff to open up and start generating revenue again. If you own a normally busy business where you have 3 staff on at any given time and are worried about demand you leave some staff on furlough. If demand kicks in straight away you unfurlough everyone. If it doesn’t you can phase them back depending on cashflow.
  11. He may well have done, or it may have just been media speculation. There’s been so much talk about it it’s hard to remember who said what.
  12. Why does it need to be targeted? If you own a viable business as soon as you can open you do. That’s how you make money. You don’t mothball your business just because the government are paying some staff costs. You’re still contributing so therefore losing money all the time you’re closed. there will be some unviable businesses that slip through the net but a lot of those will have been weeded out due to the owners having to contribute to furlough payments over the last few months and basically folded already. furlough is not a financial incentive to keep a business closed in the vast majority of cases.
  13. Furlough being extended does not equal nothing open. Some industries (airlines as an example) will not go straight back to 100% capacity so will need furlough. Others (pubs for example) will be raring to go with pent up demand. Airlines will need furlough for longer so the option is there. Most industries won’t.
  14. If it takes 6 months to get up and running the games a bogey. No point opening up society in 3 months* time if no-one is allowed in anywhere as they don't have a vaccine passport. Of course given the track record of UKG in delivering IT projects the likelihood of getting this up and running in 6 months is very slim. thinking about it that's probably a good reason it could get ditched. They won't want to be hanging around opening up the economy waiting for a vaccine passport. * dates are not exact. Only using it as an example.
  15. Why would not even in the playoff spots Partick be so desperate to finish the season?
  16. https://www.edinburghlive.co.uk/news/uk-world-news/nicola-sturgeon-advisor-wants-under-19953466 She's also claiming that the Brazil variant entered the UK by people exploiting a loophole in the red list system. Hadn't read that before.
  17. I’m no virologist but I’m fairly sure you can’t catch Covid over twitter no matter what the anti Bill Gates loons say. she has no need to be wearing a mask in that picture. ETA unless that’s really Val McDermid under that mask, in which case keep it on.
  18. You don't need the letter to apply for a postal vote. The forms are online, then you can either post them off or scan them and email them in. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/apply-for-a-postal-vote It's a sensible thing for as many people as possible to do postal voting at the moment.
  19. I wouldn't be at all surprised if a few MSPs, even a cabinet minister who likes football or Jason Leitch pops onto this thread now & again. Here's a message for Jason if he does.
  20. If I saw someone running down the street with a mask on I'd assume they've just exited a bank in a hurry.
  21. is there any info on their current hospitalisations etc?
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